Kimya is about to speak at Kyoorius in a few minutes…

Kimya will speak at Kyoorius Design Yatra!

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The @EkTypeFoundry specimen is glowing

The @EkTypeFoundry specimen is glowing in the weird #kdy light.

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Faenza – Second Visit

More letters from Faenza

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We hosted 16 (or 17?) students from Pearl Academy today

We hosted 16 (or 17?) students from Pearl Academy today. They were cool! Here Kimya is showing off some ephemera from our library.

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Faenza Ceramics Museum

Besides type, ceramics is another major personal interests. On my second trip to Faenza I had the pleasure of visiting this substantial ceramics museum. Since this site is dedicated to type, I’m only...

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Meet Nukta, the latest addition to our family…

Meet Nukta, the latest addition to our family and team. She was born outside our building about 7 weeks ago and has been inside with us for the last two weeks. So far her hobbies include acrobatic jumping, biting her own tail, and waking us up every hour throughout the night. Her and our other cat Cosette get along well

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Kerning Conference 2017

My second Kerning Conference!

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We’ve been proud to always include the German ẞ in our fonts

It's exciting that it's now an officially recognized letter! We are hopeful that more designers will make it a part of their standard character sets.

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Ran into a fancy car show in Modena


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The Kerning Conference was a great time (again)!

was a great time (again)! It was wonderful to visit Faenza and see a lot of old friends again. Thanks to all the organizers and speakers. See you again soon I hope!

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Type hunting with @typeoff in Italy :)

From Ravena.

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36 Days of Type 2017

Earlier this year I participated in the 36 Days of Type and used it as an excuse to show off a new typeface I'm calling "Collection".

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