Hobeaux is here!

James T. Edmondson is the man! And Hobeaux is hot!

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The Printed Word Is Dead

"The last paper edition of The New York Times will appear in 2018." — Dick Brass, 2001

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Prince Hair Art – Ahmedabad
Ahmedabad Trip #2

For my second trip to Ahmedabad, I had the pleasure of visiting with Kimya and Georg Seifert. The agenda was to meet with the guys at ITF (Indian Type Foundry) to catch up...

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Misc Mumbai (3D) Signs Vol. 1

A few nice 3D signs to add to the collection.

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Museum of the Moving Image

NYC's museum of TV & cinema history happens to also be filled with wonderful type specimens.

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The Script Letter – Tommy Thompson, 1955 Revised Edition

@JanMiddendorp @TypeLettering You can add another (Revised Edition, 1955) to the collection.  

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Playing with Drawbot

Playing with @ninastoessinger’s latest drawbot script

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@typeoff Boom!

This topic did indeed come up at the first type conference after the discovery. Surprisingly, only in one of the talks tho.

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Super bummed about missing Rob•o•thon this year.

Hope you all have a great time at @robothonconf! Update! But I got a shirt! Thanks to Georg for the most awesome birthday gift :D

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Misc Mumbai (Handpainted) Signs Vol. 1

This site has been moderately broken since the last update a couple months ago, but I’m happy to report that it’s now back to most of it’s pervious functionality. To celebrate, this post...

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We all know that F. W. Goudy did some…

We all know that F. W. Goudy did some weird stuff, but how did this make it all the way through (and into print)?

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Web design is ?% typography.

Web design is 18.6% typography. Web design is 95% typography.

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