Ceramic Block Letters

8 September, 2008

These ceramic pieces are generally straight forward letters. The project began with two-dimensional letters produced on a computer and transformed them into three-dimensional versions made with earth formed with one’s hands. Experimentation and high-art conceptual status take a backseat to accurately translating the beautiful curves and angles of these landmark designs.

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One Response to “Ceramic Block Letters”

  • Hello Rob, I have just followed a couple of links and found myself on your blog. Whilst looking around I clicked on the thumbnail for this post and thought you may wish to see my ceramic type pieces.

    You’ll need to scroll down a bit to find the entries.

    and here too: http://www.behance.net/lestaret

    I find that it’s a great way to engage with type and letterforms off the page/screen, and really helps to understand form and space too.

    I particularly like the smal ‘lip’ on some of them, and having made my own ceramic letterforms and understand the processes you have been through, I’d like to know the scale of your work – the images are very good quality and show a lot of detail.

    Really beautiful!