Den Haag House Numbers = Diverse and Interesting

8 April, 2009

Den Haag House Numbers

The Netherlands is quite famous its typography and design. Travelling around the country, one will notice how it seems every aspect of life has been controlled and manipulated in some way. My theory is this stems from the basic foundation of the country – how the land is literally man made and reclaimed from the sea. Little is left in its natural or default state giving the place a very special quality.

On my last trip to Den Haag, during the Robothon conference, I was struck by this “ultra designed” feeling everywhere. Avidly enjoying photography, one of my new hobbies is collecting images of house numbers. Den Haag is the 3rd major city in my collection (the first to be posted here, others will follow) and it is incredible. There is such a wide variety of numbers and styles, almost every house or building is unique.

Sit back, enjoy, and get inspired by these Dutch numbers!

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2 Responses to “Den Haag House Numbers = Diverse and Interesting”

  • Hi Rob, great findings, as always! By the way, the “T/M” bit stands for “tot en met”, Dutch for “up to and including”.

    Now get yourself a Pro account finally, and shovel all those marvellous pics onto Flickr! Pulease.

  • Rob

    Hey Florian,
    Thanks for the info about T/M… I was curious about that. Yeah, and I will get to Flick, I swear.