František Štorm Interview

23 June, 2014

Štorm-Bestseller-Interview-1 Štorm-Bestseller-Interview-2

František Štorm‘s interview comes from this great book produced by students at the Studio of Type Design and Typography at the Academy of Art, Architecture and Design in Prague. You can see their nice site digitally documenting the project here.

This is simply an awesome interview… It’s so much better than most of the other rambling/BS/pretentious/pointless answers that are often given by type designers. For examples of those sorts of answers you can continue reading  farther into the book.

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2 Responses to “František Štorm Interview”

  • So you want us to support a book that is made up of completely-un-copyedited E-mail interviews with type designers – so much so that even a spurious linebreak went unnoticed?

    You do understand that E-mail interviews are stilted and give both sides the perfect opportunity to burnish their lies to a brilliant shine?

    Why is this a book and not what its quality level actually demands – a Tumblr?

  • Rob

    You missed the point of it Joe. This book/project isn’t claiming to be anything more than it is: a one semester student project. The brief was quite clever tho: research the current trends in font market, then create a typeface that will become a ‘best seller’. The final results were then uploaded to MyFonts, and can be judged by the market (and there are several in the charts already). The students had only a couple months, had never attempted type design before, and actually came up with some decent results. For part of the project they interviewed both type makers and font consumers… This particular collection of interviews and specimens was nicely produced in only 50 printed copies and were given out to friends & colleagues. It’s not for sale or trying to appear as anything more pretentious.

    Moreover, I don’t see your problem with this particular interview with František. I find it to be a nice contrast to the typical answers we’ve heard hundreds of times.