The Current Projects :

11 February, 2009

Mota - Coming in March 2009

Recently I have been overly busy with several large projects, and updates here at the blog have been lacking. In the coming weeks I will be posting more about these new things.
But briefly, I am furiously working to finish up Vesper – which has grown into a much larger, and more interesting, family. Additionally, Sonja and I are creating a new online shop to sell our typefaces. This site is a large undertaking with the front-end having a slightly different approach from most other online typefoundries and much of the back-end is custom to enhance the buying process. Hopefully our method of displaying and purchasing will prove to be worth the efforts.
As for this site, we recently updated some sidebars to show recent posts as well as my latest tweets from Twitter. You can see them on the main page or follow me directly from Twitter if you are interested. Coming up, there is still a long list of posts waiting to be prepared, as well as many previous art projects to be transferred over here to the new(er) format and database. Keep checking your RSS and stop by again soon!

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