Untitled (Alphabet Tornado)

From the archives, this is one of the final pieces I created in my university studio in 2006. It’s porcelain, about 18in tall, and featuring the entire uppercase A-Z from the typeface Skia.

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M & W Sculptures

These wall pieces can be hung in two directions, so both the M & W can be W & M.

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Found this old photo of a small ceramic piece

Found this old photo of a small ceramic piece I made about a decade ago. Ampersand is from Emigre's Platelet.

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The Lost & Forgotten H⁴ Sculpture, Rediscovered

Four capital Hs make up this monumental, unfinished ceramic sculpture.

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Roman Letters

From the archives, these photos were made back in 2007 during the Reading trip to Rome. The concept is along similar lines to my ‘left out letters‘ series as an excuse to make,...

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P.D.A. (part 5): Amstel River, Amsterdam

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P.D.A. (part 4): Singel, Amsterdam

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P.D.A. (part 3): Place du Tertre, Paris

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P.D.A. (part 2): Piccadilly Circus, London

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P.D.A. (part 1): Trafalgar Square, London

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Left Out Letters

In a gesture of giving, these ceramic letters were left out free for anyone to discover and take home. Some were left in specific places for specific people, others were left randomly in...

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As Seen In…

Every so often a masterpiece is created that makes its way into the mainstream art world. These pieces have been shown in some of the most prestigious museums in the world: Tate Modern,...

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