Work in Progress
5 December, 2017

Currently working on some new letter sculptures. You can see more from this typeface and project over at our instagram account: Collection Typeface.

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Untitled (Alphabet Tornado)
12 November, 2016

From the archives, this is one of the final ceramic pieces I created in my university studio in 2006. It’s porcelain, about 18in tall, and featuring the entire uppercase A-Z from the typeface Skia.

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M & W Sculptures
31 March, 2016

M & W sculpture
M & W sculpture

These wall pieces can be hung in two directions, so both the M & W can be W & M.

7in x 8.5in x 4in
salt fired stoneware, gold leaf, metallic paint, epoxy resin
letters come from the typeface Mason Serif, 1992 by Jonathan Barnbrook

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Found this old photo of a small ceramic piece
2 October, 2015

Found this old photo of a small ceramic...

Found this old photo of a small ceramic piece I made about a decade ago. Ampersand is from Emigre’s Platelet.

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The Lost & Forgotten H⁴ Sculpture, Rediscovered
29 July, 2015

This never-to-be-finished piece slipped my mind until I recently came across some photos from 2005. It is seen here as raw, black stoneware clay (but totally dry and ready to be bisque fired) with white slip. But being a part of a broader series, I decided to include it in its in-progress state for a class critique. And lucky I took these photos because they are the only documentation of it. I can’t remember exactly what happened, but it was somehow destroyed before or during one of the firings.

I can’t recall the exact sources of the 4 different H’s used, but I believe they were all different weights and widths of Univers.

It was fairly large and heavy – the H’s were about 12 inches tall.

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Roman Letters
3 July, 2013

From the archives, these photos were made back in 2007 during the Reading trip to Rome. The concept is along similar lines to my ‘left out letters’ series as an excuse to make, shoot, and share letters in a foreign city. The complete alphabet it made up of miscellaneous letters that I was looking at during the course of my MA studies, they are examples of individual characters I found interesting and beautiful at the time. All images were taken around Rome everywhere from obscure alleys to the biggest tourist spots. The forum, Pantheon, Trajan’s column, Vatican City – all the big spots can be seen here.

The letters are made of paper, hand cut and folded. They were approximately 3×5 inches.


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P.D.A. (part 5): Amstel River, Amsterdam
1 May, 2010


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P.D.A. (part 4): Singel, Amsterdam
11 April, 2010


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P.D.A. (part 3): Place du Tertre, Paris
5 April, 2010


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P.D.A. (part 2): Piccadilly Circus, London
3 April, 2010

Typefaces: Various

About P.D.A.: Public Displays of Art:

Following guerilla style advertising campaigns – identifying the days and locations of the “art shows” – a series of small spontaneous, public, exhibitions of sculptures was held. The locations were heavy trafficked, often tourist hot-spots, and full of people taking photos. Part performance, part discrete operation, the ceramic sculptures were setup and documented with photographs. They were then left in place to be discovered, appreciated, kicked over, taken home, or thrown away depending on who interacts with them.

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P.D.A. (part 1): Trafalgar Square, London
30 March, 2010


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Left Out Letters
1 March, 2009

In a gesture of giving, these ceramic letters were left out free for anyone to discover and take home. Some were left in specific places for specific people, others were left randomly in public spaces. All were from the Fall of 2005 and Spring of 2006.

Hoefler and Frere Jones have a funny account of the anonymous package from the last two images.

These left out letters led to the PDA (Public Displays of Art series)(coming soon)

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