Portofino Cemetery

Not a bad place to spend eternity.

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Powązki Cemetery – Part 1

This is one of three connected cemeteries in the center of Warsaw. There is such a variety of styles and lettering techniques to be found here, it is a must see for any typophile.

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Warsaw Jewish Cemetery

This is one of the largest Jewish cemeteries in the world, and it's full of beautiful Hebrew and Latin lettering.

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Georgen-Parochial-Friedhof II

This one wasn’t amazing, but there were a few nice finds – as usual. Friedrichshain, Berlin

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Lafayette Cemetery №1

This is the only new cemetery I had the chance to visit on my December ’15 trip, but it’s full of nice lettering samples. Still so many more N.O. cemeteries to see! I...

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Our Lady of Hope Cemetery, Goa

This quaint little cemetery was found in Goa’s Candolim area. Most of the names were hand painted with ornamented letters, but some appear to have been homemade. There were more traditional stone carved...

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Silver Terrace Cemetery near Virginia City, NV

The Silver Terrace Cemetery contains an incredible collection beautiful inscriptions.

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Faenza’s Giant Cemetery

Just a few of my wonderful finds (well, 48 of them) from Il Cimitero Dell'Osservanza in Faenza, Italy.

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The National Graveyard in Budapest

This is a huge cemetery in the middle of the city, right next to the main train station.

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Prague’s Jewish Cemetery

After numerous trips to Prague, I finally made it to the famous Jewish cemetery right in the middle of the city. Every other time I went to visit, it was either closed or there...

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Random Prenzlauer Berg Cemetery

An average Berlin cemetery.

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Kuşadası Cemetery


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