Kerning Conference 2017

My second Kerning Conference!

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Kyoorius Design Yatra 2015

This was a great experience for my first KDY conference. I've compiled some thoughts and suggestions for improvements next year.

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TypeCon NYC 2005

This was a major event for me. Not only was it my first type conference, but I was participating with a solo exhibition of my ceramic sculptures, and it was held in my favorite city!

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TypeCon Washington D.C. 2014

Just a few highlights from this year's conference.

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Kerning Conference 2014

I missed the first Kerning Conference in 2013, but I made it to round #2 this year. My very short review of this short conference: it’s a great excuse to visit Italy. I...

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Typo Berlin 2014

One attendee's opinions of the conference.

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Type Talks 2013

This was the third installment of the Type Talks conference, organized by David Březina and Anna Giedryś, and they have once again made one of the best type events I’ve had the fortune...

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Typo Berlin 2013

I will offer neither ego-stroking compliments nor helpful critical comments about Typo Berlin this year.

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Babel #1 »non-latin«

Spoiler alert: This conference was rather great. Held at the HFG Offenbach school, Babel #1 »non-latin« was their first (of hopefully many), one day type symposiums.

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TypeCon Milwaukee 2012

I was a bit nervous about this TypeCon after last year’s killer event in New Orleans. But I have to say that overall it was also quite fantastic, although utterly different. Unlike New...

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ATypI Reykyavík 2011

The best ATypI ever? Quite possibly.

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Typo Berlin 2012

A few photos from 2012's Typo Berlin

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