ATypI Reykyavík 2011
28 September, 2012

Super quick summary:

The best ATypI ever? Quite possibly. Certainly the best I’ve had the fortune to attend.

Slightly more:

Much of the appeal of this conference was thanks to the magical location – and of course the people.

The talks were certainly mixed as usual.

Seeing tons of old friends was the best part of the conference. It does have a strange ‘club’ feeling to it being 75% of the same people each year… But it’s nice. It’s also great to meet some new people as well.

The venue, a brand new building called the Harpa Concert Hall, was incredible.

Reykjavik was a beautiful little city. It had a different feeling to it than anywhere else I’ve visited… it’s hard to explain. I really hope to go back sometime.

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ATypI Brighton 2007
24 October, 2007

This conference was a blur. My experience echoes that of Dan Rhatigan in the first photo – work work work. The majority of time was spent trying to complete my dissertation as the deadline was just after ATypI. And I had A LOT left to finish. I only attended a few talks as most of my time was spent sitting in the hallways typing and editing images. What I did get to see what interesting, and Brighton was a very nice little city, but I left wishing I had seen more.

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ATypI Lisbon 2006
5 October, 2006

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