Vintage Wine, Beer, & Spirits Label Exhibition in SF

Put on by the California Historical Society, hundreds of beautifully typographic labels were on display in San Francisco.

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Kohei Sugiura: Graphic Design Methodology and Philosophy

Last night I had the fortune to attend the opening of a wonderful exhibition for the Japanese typographer Kohei Sugiura.

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Museum of the Moving Image

NYC's museum of TV & cinema history happens to also be filled with wonderful type specimens.

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Signature Type Exhibition

The Brno Biennial is hosting an exhibition of Rostislav Vaněk’s work. He created a variety of icons of Czech designs (including great systems like the signage the Prague metro). This gallery shows one...

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TypoPolo Exhibition

“TypoPolo” is a notion which describes an aesthetic phenomenon, namely, the amateur designs of advertisements, signboards or informative inscriptions made for small businesses and crafts, which came into being in the Polish public...

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Lettering vs Calligraphy Berlin Sequel

ON THE WALL is the new exhibition by the lovely duo of Martina Flor and Giuseppe Salerno – Lettering VS Calligraphy.

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Typographic Thali

Typographic Thali was the final exhibition at the Mota Italic gallery Aug+Sept 2013. It was comprised of items from my personal collection of type-related finds from India.

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Buchstabenmuseum Grand Re-Opening

Berlin’s Buchstabenmuseum moved to their new location (down the street from their old location at Alexanderplatz, just next to Jannowitzbrücke now), and they finally had a huge re-opening party in December.

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Piece by Dominic McGill @ Gestalten Space

Currently on display till January 12th at the Gestalten Space in Berlin is The Age of Collage exhibition. In this group show, there is one particualry outstanding peace by Dominic McGill that you...

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The Mastering Type 13 Exhibition:

All the typefaces in the exhibition.

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The Legendary Buchstabenmuseum

Berlin’s greatest typographic institution is probably the Buchstabenmuseum (The Letter Museum). Similar to the Neon Museum in Las Vegas, this establishment collects, preserves, and educates on the dying art of dimensional typography –...

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Schrift in Form 3

Typosition has done it again for the third installment of "Schrift in Form".

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