Como House Numbers
30 May, 2019

A few nice numbers from Como, Italy.

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Milan House Numbers
8 December, 2018

A few nice house numbers from Milan. I should have interviewed Antonio Cavedoni about this more, he seems to know a lot about the different styles, manufactures, and histories of these unique figures…

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Genoa House Numbers – Second Trip
29 June, 2018

Our first quick visit to Genoa, Italy in 2016 yielded a few nice house numbers… This year’s trip was a bit longer, so there are more things to show from it.

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More Nice House Numbers
24 June, 2018

Just after posting the last collection of house numbers from Nice, I came across another folder of unsorted images. So here are even more nice Nice numbers!

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Some Nice House Numbers
23 June, 2018

Pas de mauvais numéros de maison.

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Antibes House Numbers
4 June, 2018

Antibes has a wide range of interesting house numbers! There are many styles and materials to be found there – here are just some of what I came across.

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SF House Numbers
7 May, 2017

Not so many to share, but I did pass by a few notable numbers on my San Francisco wanderings.

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House Numbers from Budapest
14 November, 2016

A modest collection from a few nice days in Budapest.

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House Numbers from Rome
5 September, 2016

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Napoli House Numbers
3 September, 2016

A few pics from a trip in 2010. Some photos are pretty bad, but usually, the worse the image the cooler the numbers.

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Genova House Numbers
2 July, 2016

Just a few nice house numbers recently found in Genoa/Genova Italy.

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Faenza House Numbers
12 June, 2014

They are almost always hand painted numbers on ceramic tiles. Sometimes they are fairly funky too!

This gallery has been updated in 2017 to include a few new images from this year’s trip to Faenza.

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