Think of the forests we would have could have saved…
13 September, 2018

“Think of the forests we would have saved if we had adopted ‘Th’ and ‘ng’ ligatures” — Matthew Carter @ATypI

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This carving reminded me of a flying .notdef
15 March, 2018

…so I made a stylistic alternate for an upcoming font. Why? I don’t know either.

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The @EkTypeFoundry specimen is glowing
13 October, 2017

The @EkTypeFoundry specimen is glowing in the weird #kdy light.

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Interlocking ł
16 September, 2016


Missing ATypI in Warsaw, Poland this year, so I’m playing with the Polish letter ł instead. Next I’ll finally post some Warsaw cemetery pictures – hopefully that will inspire some of you to go make a visit!

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Goed nieuws! eBay stamp-buying-binge completed!
1 June, 2016

Goed nieuws! eBay stamp-buying-binge...

Goed nieuws! eBay stamp-buying-binge completed!
Bonus: I’m now fairly fluent in Dutch eBay site navigation.



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Happy Halloween
31 October, 2015


From the archives (2008), this fairly creepy pic is typeset with German candy.

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Hodor Programming Language
19 October, 2015


The new programming language Hodor is so easy to use, I was able to port Tim Ahren’s amazing RMX Tools in only a few minutes! So far only the Scaler is working, but the others should only take a couple more minutes.

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8 October, 2015


From a fun side project (but still a font).

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Fashion week paparazzi
30 August, 2015
Fashion week paparazzi

At fashion week people are more into taking photos than watching the show.

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The Script Letter – Tommy Thompson, 1955 Revised Edition
5 May, 2015


@JanMiddendorp @TypeLettering You can add another (Revised Edition, 1955) to the collection.


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Playing with Drawbot
18 April, 2015


Playing with @ninastoessinger’s latest drawbot script

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