Live in the gallery…
24 January, 2012

Max Prosa being filmed and interviewed for TV.

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1 January, 2012

FF Love

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NYE in Mauerpark, Berlin
31 December, 2011

Unfortunately this gif doesn’t really capture the insanity of the Berlin fireworks. I hope this is the closest thing to real bombs/explosions that I’ll ever see.

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My favorite image of 2011
31 December, 2011

December 31. There are 8 hours left in the year, but I think it’s soon enough to declare my favorite image of the year. It was taken by Dave Foster of ‘current KABK student’ fame. The pic is from a powerpoint presentation by Linotype…


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16 December, 2011

Lasered fish dingbat from Gemma

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This was my Helvetica bike (c. 2002)
15 December, 2011

Why Helvetica? They were the only vinyl letters at the local art store.

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Part of the ugliest letter I’ve ever created
12 December, 2011

It’s gnarly!

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Hot damn! George Clinton is killing…
24 November, 2011

Hot damn! George Clinton is killing it in Berlin!

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The New Yorker
16 November, 2011

Everyone praises The New Yorker for their use of webfonts – but it looks like horrible. (rendered with Mac Safari)

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@linotype_com Oops:
19 October, 2011

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Trying to make @typelettering jealous one bite at a time.
13 October, 2011

Trying to make @typelettering jealous one bite at a time. But fat chance as long as @Scissors_Spice is in the kitchen!

This kinda nasty looking sandwich has 3 types of fake meat, 3 cheeses, potato salad, mustard, and Bacos. The bread is super lame tho.

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Sunday night concert at Ausland.
9 October, 2011

This is Owl & Mack. They were pretty good! Would recommend them…

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