A peek into our studio

A quick view of where we can usually be found.

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Our library is growing

More books require more shelves!

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The creators of Typo Magazine have now made the definitive yearbook of all things type: 365typo! Volume #2 even features some of my work!

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Apple Sign Painters Shoutout

Kinda cool that Apple gave not one, but two shoutouts to sign painting in their latest keynote announcing the new MacBook laptops.

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The Making of Our Ridiculously Complicated Wedding Invites

Kimya and I designed our own typographic wedding invitations – this post documents the long process of getting them made.

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Instagram as a Screensaver

A simple way to automatically backup and use your Instagram pics & favorites as an OS X screensaver.

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Hobeaux is here!

James T. Edmondson is the man! And Hobeaux is hot!

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The Printed Word Is Dead

"The last paper edition of The New York Times will appear in 2018." — Dick Brass, 2001

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My A is missing something!

For the last 5-6 years I've been avidly (compulsively) collecting the odd typographic phenomenon of the bar-less Latin capital letter A (like this: Λ).

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Matthew Carter in the pathetic Esquire

This post comes in short parts:
Part 1: Esquire – Most Uncreative Magazine of the Year
Part 2: Matthew Carter's mini interview in Esquire

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Kartique Letter Gallery

Opened March 2014, Berlin has a new shop devoted to letters. The Kartique Buchstabenshop in Kreuzberg sells all sorts of letters large and small. Some are rescued letters from old signs, some are...

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Word Lists (useful for testing typefaces)

Type makers are always searching for useful / interesting / funny / odd words for testing new designs. The right test documents are invaluable to the process – helping to make timely decisions, find problems, and anticipate usage scenarios for their fonts…

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