Faenza – Second Visit

More letters from Faenza

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Letters from a few great days in San Francisco

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Cyber Hub Social

The unique Social bar/club/social/co-working space chain is taking over India. Each new branch is slightly different and tailored to the specific location. This one in Gurgaon’s Cyber Hub complex is quite unique compared...

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Pisa Bonus!

One exceptional shop sign.

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Letters from Genova

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Letters from Naples

A small collection from the archives of signs and lettering found in Naples in 2010.

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Shop Signs from Rome

There is so much to see in Rome, and the unique signage is just one small aspect. These pictures are all from a quick trip in July of this year. Here are more...

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Guaranteed Great Goan Glyphs

I’ve been to Goa on three occasions, but I have only a few pics of nice lettering found there. The popular vacationy/touristy areas where I usually stay are rather generic and lack any...

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Ahmedabad Trip #2

For my second trip to Ahmedabad, I had the pleasure of visiting with Kimya and Georg Seifert. The agenda was to meet with the guys at ITF (Indian Type Foundry) to catch up...

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Misc Mumbai (3D) Signs Vol. 1

A few nice 3D signs to add to the collection.

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Misc Mumbai (Handpainted) Signs Vol. 1

This site has been moderately broken since the last update a couple months ago, but I’m happy to report that it’s now back to most of it’s pervious functionality. To celebrate, this post...

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Faenza Signs

Some nice letters found on my first trip to Faenza.

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