Some Signs from Jerusalem
2 January, 2018

We just got back from a great trip to Israel, so the next several posts will be some images from the trip.

We had the occasion to go thanks to a call Kimya received from the Bezalel Academy in Jerusalem. She was invited to be one of 6 Indians for to conduct a week-long workshop for the school’s “India Design Week”. Naturally, her theme was typography – her students first learned the basics of the Devanagari script then made a typographic object with bilingual Hebrew and Devanagari lettering.

I didn’t have much to do with the workshop, so I spent my time working on a new Hebrew typeface and wandering around clicking photos all over the city. Here are just a few shop signs from Jerusalem to get started.

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Faenza – Second Visit
21 August, 2017

Thanks to the Kerning Conference, I’ve had the fortune to visit Faenza Italy two times now. These are a few of the nice letters I snapped while visiting this last June.

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Letters from a few great days in San Francisco
17 May, 2017

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Cyber Hub Social
24 October, 2016

The unique Social bar/club/social/co-working space chain is taking over India. Each new branch is slightly different and tailored to the specific location. This one in Gurgaon’s Cyber Hub complex is quite unique compared to the ones in Mumbai. The look of this space must be at least partially thanks to Mr. Hanif Kureshi of and ST+ART India fame who is involved with the branding and design of Social. The outside is nicely surrounded with beautiful hand painted hoardings by the legendary Painter Kafeel.

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Pisa Bonus!
1 September, 2016


We didn’t get to see much of Pisa besides the Piazza dei Miracle (and especially the cool cathedral). But there happened to be one exceptional shop sign nearby. It features great contrast, odd character widths, and an interesting 3D construction.


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Letters from Genova
1 September, 2016

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Letters from Naples
31 August, 2016

A small collection from the archives of signs and lettering found in Naples in 2010.

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Shop Signs from Rome
30 August, 2016

There is so much to see in Rome, and the unique signage is just one small aspect. These pictures are all from a quick trip in July of this year. Here are more images of signs and letters from other trips.

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Guaranteed Great Goan Glyphs
29 September, 2015

I’ve been to Goa on three occasions, but I have only a few pics of nice lettering found there. The popular vacationy/touristy areas where I usually stay are rather generic and lack any distinctive style or flair (but on the other hand they have numerous bars and the cheapest drinks in India). But on my most recent trip, to finally attend the Design Yatra conference, I spent a few days in the old town area of Panaji/Panjim. Wandering through these streets yielded a fair amound of interesintg lettering and typography.

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Ahmedabad Trip #2
10 May, 2015

For my second trip to Ahmedabad, I had the pleasure of visiting with Kimya and Georg Seifert. The agenda was to meet with the guys at ITF (Indian Type Foundry) to catch up with Satya and meet all the new hires, give a couple small presentations to students at NID, and maybe visit the other ITF (India Type Foundry) again if time permitted.

The new ITF office is pretty sweet. So many new faces there, it’s great to see so many up and coming type designers in India. Satya is doing a lot for the Indian font industry. And such nice hosts they were — they even helped celebrate my birthday and shared a wonderful dinner at Ahmedabad’s greatest thali joint Agashiye.

I find Ahmedabad remarkable for its abundance of beautiful hand-painted signs. It seems like many cities here have very distinct things that they like to paint very well (e.g. Mumbai delivery trucks or Kolkata busses), and here it seems to be general shop signs. There are so many everywhere. In Mumbai you will find some great signs especially in older and or poorer areas (see Dadar’s textile district), but overall there are less and less nice shop signs here.

Then Georg, Kimya, and I all gave presentations at NID. There was a surprising amount of students that came and overfilled the room to hear us (unfortunately we all forgot to take photos, save this one here). Georg spoke about Glyphs 2 and it’s ease of use for creating Devanagari fonts, Kimya talked about some of her fonts, and I showed my typefaces and some of what I did in Berlin with the gallery and shop.

Related posts still to come:

India Type Foundry
Ahmedabad Signs #1

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Misc Mumbai (3D) Signs Vol. 1
8 May, 2015

A few more random signs (in 3D this time) found in Mumbai. If you are more into painted 2D letters then check this out. Also, my Instagram account has lots more nice (mostly) Indian lettering.

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Hand painted apartment sign of the day
16 April, 2015

Hand painted apartment sign of the day.

From Mumbai.

View in Instagram

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