Some Views of Reykjavík
25 November, 2012

In my final installment of letters found in Iceland, are a few images found in an around Reykjavík. There’s a lot more to see there and I need to get back there to take more pics!

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Venetian Signs
26 October, 2012

In Venice for a day, I found it to be a depressing city. It was clearly once a magical place — it must have been really amazing back in the day… But now it is falling apart and is over-ran with tourists. In most European cities you can sidestep a few main roads and avoid the major tourist traps… on first inspection, Venice was a bit different. The whole place seems like one giant tourist trap. There must be some decent other areas, but I did not find them on this trip.

That all being said, there were still some cool signs and I also got a nice little collection of interesting house numbers. I’ll have to go back again for a biennale – and hopefully see more off the sneaker-beaten path.

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New York Wandering
15 October, 2012

Some old (but still cool) photos that never got uploaded from my last trip to Manhattan, way back in 2008.

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Eths in ðe Wild
10 October, 2012

Curious or confused about ðat strange letter ð?

It can be a bit difficult understand if you don’t get up close and personal wiþ it in person.

Ðese photos capture ðe elusive ð in its natural environment of Iceland. Inhabiting ðis little island are a wide variety of ðs. You may be surprised at ðe many different shapes and forms ðis special character can take.

You can also follow ð on Twitter: @the_letter_eth

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Hand Painted Signs of Mykonos
23 September, 2012

Mykonos: tourist hell. Could be a quaint little place in theory; it probably used to be… I can’t not recommend this as an interesting typographic destination for you hardcore letter-tourists. However, it is almost rescued by some distinctive hand painted signs.

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Brighton Letters
15 September, 2012

These images mostly come from a lovely photo walk given by Phil Baines in Brighton, UK. I’ve had the chance now to make the trek through the city with him twice now, first at ATypI, then at Ampersand. Both times were educational, entertaining, and enjoyable. I’d do the same one again if the chance arrises!

(These photos all come from the walk in June 2011 during Ampersand.)

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Champaign, Illinois
16 August, 2011

Champaign Urbana is home of the University of Illinois (and not much more). However, wandering around on my last visit there I captured a few random interesting signs and letters. Tastes like the midwest.

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Seizure-Inducing Berlin Christmas Market
26 December, 2010

If you’ve made it this far through the post, I should add that these animations in no way represent all German Christmas markets. These images were taken at a particularly tacky market that concerns itself more with drinking and rides (vs. those focused on drinking, eating, and shopping). You can find this crazy light show behind the Alexa shopping center for basically all of December (and maybe a bit into January) each year. For a considerably nicer/calmer/quieter experience simply walk a few hundred meters to the Fernsehturm/Alexanderplatz and check out the market in front of the Berlin Rathaus.

Fröhliche Weihnachten!

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A few letters from Tel Aviv
1 December, 2010


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More Signs from Rome
29 April, 2009


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Chowda Heads Make Some Wicked Type
11 April, 2009


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Found in Rome
15 March, 2009

More signs found in Rome – Part 2

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