Reno’s Antique Miscellany

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Moar Hebrew!

A large collection of letters from Tel Aviv.

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Vintage Wine, Beer, & Spirits Label Exhibition in SF

Put on by the California Historical Society, hundreds of beautifully typographic labels were on display in San Francisco.

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Indian Rupee Symbol ₹ in use (or not)

Recently on TypeDrawers, a question was asked about how the Indian rupee symbol is being utilized in casual handwriting in the wild. After about a year in India, I have indeed seen it...

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Beer Can Typography

These images come courtesy of the tasting room at the Harpoon Brewery.

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utterly butterly delicious!

utterly butterly delicious!

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The Museum of Things: 2012 Edition

The Museum der Dinge is my favorite museum in Berlin... there're always new treasures to discover here.

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Museum of Things #2 [UPDATED]

Just a few more images from Berlin’s ultra-cool Museum of Things! You can also see more great objects from the museum in this previous post. [UPDATE] You can also help out the museum...

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The Museum of Things ⇒ WOW

Oh my god Becky, seriously the Museum of Things (Museum der Dinge) is like totally the most raddest place in Berlin.

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Vintage German Design & Lettering

Following up to the popular GDR packaging/branding post, I present here 20 more great vintage specimens.

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Everyday Branding in the GDR

Commonly referred to as East Germany, the former German Democratic Republic existed from 1949-1990. During that period, a significant portion of Germany was virtually cut off from the rest of the world (at...

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Bright, Loud, & Scary

The packaging of these fireworks are definitely as bright, loud, and scary as the pyrotechnics that they spit out. Exploded cases like these could be found all over Berlin on Jan 1st. Depending...

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