A Night in London
25 November, 2012

From the archives: Images from an evening in London in 2008.

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Some Views of Reykjavík
25 November, 2012

In my final installment of letters found in Iceland, are a few images found in an around Reykjavík. There’s a lot more to see there and I need to get back there to take more pics!

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World Scripts Exhibition – Reykjavík Version
9 October, 2011

As seen at ATypI 2011 in Reykjavík, Iceland.

Some of the usual Reading crew brought some of the usual non-Latin treasures from the department to share with the conference goers.

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Champaign, Illinois
16 August, 2011

Champaign Urbana is home of the University of Illinois (and not much more). However, wandering around on my last visit there I captured a few random interesting signs and letters. Tastes like the midwest.

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St. Louis Cemetery #3
15 August, 2011

On the way to the New Orleans Museum of Art Frank Grießhammer and I stopped by the St Louis Cemetery #3. I for one was rather impressed by the lettering on many of the inscriptions found there. Some local stone carver had a very interesting style at the turn of the 20th century.

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The Hamilton Wood Type Museum
28 July, 2011

My first trip to the historic / legendary / incredible Hamilton Wood Type Museum in Two Rivers Wisconsin. On our way through Wisconsin we passed close enough (about 1.5 hours out of the way) to justify finally making the detour to visit.

We came on a slow day, it was just our tiny group of three and one volunteer at the museum. The museum (former factory) is huge. They have over 1.5 million pieces of wood type, several working presses that are still in use, and all the tools and equipment used to make new wood type – also still in use! The staff and volunteers are happy to take you around and explain everything in a nice way that even non-type people can appreciate.

So, if you ever find yourself in Wisconsin you really have to make the trip to visit Hamilton. You should go soon too… you never know how long a place like this will be around. And incase you need more motivation or better excuses to go: they regularly have public workshops for you to play with things, or you could always attend their epic Wayzgoose workshop that takes place every autumn. I haven’t been yet, but there are always great stories from it.

Some pics via Flickr:
Wayzgoose 2009
Wayzgoose 2010

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A few letters from Tel Aviv
1 December, 2010


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Museum of Things #2 [UPDATED]
21 November, 2009

Just a few more images from Berlin’s ultra-cool Museum of Things!

You can also see more great objects from the museum in this previous post.


You can also help out the museum by becoming a Dingpfleger (a caretaker/sponsor of a thing). For a small donation you can adopt one of their objects! For more information and to learn about becoming a Dingpfleger(in) have a look here (German).

Check out what we are sponsoring for 2010!
(And thanks to Dan Reynolds for the quote!)(Even if it maybe, possibly, came with the tiniest bit of sarcasm.)

The “Vesper” Bahlsen Keksdose from 1923 over at the Museum der Dinge’s website

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The Museum of Things ⇒ WOW
6 September, 2009

Oh my god Becky, seriously the Museum of Things (Museum der Dinge) is like totally the most raddest place in Berlin. If you thought the DDR Museum had some cool old stuff, then you will be blown away by all the junk at this place. It is a cross between a natural history museum, the Smithsonian, your grandma’s house, a garage sale, and a dump. It has an extensive collection of “things” from the 1800s through today – roughly sorted chronologically and also a bit categorically.

Its stockpile of ephemeral, everyday objects is amazing. Typoholics will find hours of pleasure simply staring at all the old logos and packaging. I ended up taking about 150 photos while managing to convince my friends I am nuts because of how overly excited I was.

For those of you who are maybe not impressed with *just* nice old type and objects, the museum has more attractions. There are also some big, powerful, loud, Mythbusteresque machines that smash, chop, stomp, and roll/crush/flatten. Visitors are invited to use the hydraulic beasts to annihilate some miscellaneous bric-a-brac. Mechanical thumps, shattering, screaming, and laughing can be heard echoing throughout the museum.

It is a great place. Plus there is a gift shop with some nice designer objects and some other old crap you can buy too!

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“Hot” Typography Trends
3 June, 2009

The newest type craze:

The hot new trend in typography is not embedding – no, it’s not @font-face or even Typekit. It is printed neither offset nor digitally. Best of all, it is possibly the greenest form of design! Forget about the silly, over-hyped Eco Font, this typography needs no paper or toner whatsoever; it doesn’t even use fonts. It only requires a pen (or some paint) and a volunteer! This hot typographic trend simply uses the human body as the canvas. Not exactly a new concept, but some recent developments are still worth sharing (i.e. not innovative, but nice to look at).

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Vintage German Design & Lettering
15 May, 2009

Following up to the popular GDR packaging/branding post, I present here 20 more great vintage specimens.

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More Signs from Rome
29 April, 2009


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