A Night in London
25 November, 2012

From the archives: Images from an evening in London in 2008.

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Sonning Churchyard Cemetery
9 October, 2012

A few tombstones found in Sonning, just outside Reading, UK.

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Brighton Letters
15 September, 2012

These images mostly come from a lovely photo walk given by Phil Baines in Brighton, UK. I’ve had the chance now to make the trek through the city with him twice now, first at ATypI, then at Ampersand. Both times were educational, entertaining, and enjoyable. I’d do the same one again if the chance arrises!

(These photos all come from the walk in June 2011 during Ampersand.)

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Brighton House Numbers
28 August, 2012

Next up in the series from my collections of house numbers: Brighton, England. Some quirky ones in here!

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By no means a new invention, but…
16 June, 2011

(By no means a new invention, but) England ingeniously conquers soggy toast

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P.D.A. (part 2): Piccadilly Circus, London
3 April, 2010

Typefaces: Various

About P.D.A.: Public Displays of Art:

Following guerilla style advertising campaigns – identifying the days and locations of the “art shows” – a series of small spontaneous, public, exhibitions of sculptures was held. The locations were heavy trafficked, often tourist hot-spots, and full of people taking photos. Part performance, part discrete operation, the ceramic sculptures were setup and documented with photographs. They were then left in place to be discovered, appreciated, kicked over, taken home, or thrown away depending on who interacts with them.

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P.D.A. (part 1): Trafalgar Square, London
30 March, 2010


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Ditchling Cemetery
8 August, 2009


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ATypI Brighton 2007
24 October, 2007

This conference was a blur. My experience echoes that of Dan Rhatigan in the first photo – work work work. The majority of time was spent trying to complete my dissertation as the deadline was just after ATypI. And I had A LOT left to finish. I only attended a few talks as most of my time was spent sitting in the hallways typing and editing images. What I did get to see what interesting, and Brighton was a very nice little city, but I left wishing I had seen more.

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Pen to Printer
20 May, 2007

A tiny little event with talks by Humphrey Stone, Michael Harvey, & James Mosley held in Ditchling, UK.

More on the seminar here.

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