Beer Coasters

Kinda like giant, alcohol-themed stamps, beer coasters are interesting exercises in design and typography…

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Georgen-Parochial-Friedhof II

This one wasn’t amazing, but there were a few nice finds – as usual. Friedrichshain, Berlin

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The Volksbuehne Theater Covers Berlin in Amazing Posters

Berlin's Volksbühne theater has an incredible poster campaign!

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Happy Saturday

From a doorway in Berlin.

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Kartique Letter Gallery

Opened March 2014, Berlin has a new shop devoted to letters. The Kartique Buchstabenshop in Kreuzberg sells all sorts of letters large and small. Some are rescued letters from old signs, some are...

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Museum of Things’ Graphic Design Collection

I’ve mentioned (several times) that the Museum der Dinge is my favorite museum in Berlin. And they have recently became even more awesome by making public some of their expansive collection of graphic arts materials....

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Lettering vs Calligraphy Berlin Sequel

ON THE WALL is the new exhibition by the lovely duo of Martina Flor and Giuseppe Salerno – Lettering VS Calligraphy.

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Typo Berlin 2014

One attendee's opinions of the conference.

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Typographic Thali

Typographic Thali was the final exhibition at the Mota Italic gallery Aug+Sept 2013. It was comprised of items from my personal collection of type-related finds from India.

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Buchstabenmuseum Grand Re-Opening

Berlin’s Buchstabenmuseum moved to their new location (down the street from their old location at Alexanderplatz, just next to Jannowitzbrücke now), and they finally had a huge re-opening party in December.

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Piece by Dominic McGill @ Gestalten Space

Currently on display till January 12th at the Gestalten Space in Berlin is The Age of Collage exhibition. In this group show, there is one particualry outstanding peace by Dominic McGill that you...

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Random Prenzlauer Berg Cemetery

An average Berlin cemetery.

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