Cyber Hub Social

The unique Social bar/club/social/co-working space chain is taking over India. Each new branch is slightly different and tailored to the specific location. This one in Gurgaon’s Cyber Hub complex is quite unique compared...

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Nice 3D lettering at Shivaji Park

Nice 3D lettering on a Shivaji Park sign. The natural dust and dirt on it really defines and makes the letters pop.

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Horn (NOT) OK Please

Unfortunately as you can see here, it’s no longer OK to Horn Please in Mumbai. The words Horn Please or Horn OK Please are very common on every shape and size of truck...

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Our Lady of Hope Cemetery, Goa

This quaint little cemetery was found in Goa’s Candolim area. Most of the names were hand painted with ornamented letters, but some appear to have been homemade. There were more traditional stone carved...

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Guaranteed Great Goan Glyphs

I’ve been to Goa on three occasions, but I have only a few pics of nice lettering found there. The popular vacationy/touristy areas where I usually stay are rather generic and lack any...

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Kyoorius Design Yatra 2015

This was a great experience for my first KDY conference. I've compiled some thoughts and suggestions for improvements next year.

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Kohei Sugiura: Graphic Design Methodology and Philosophy

Last night I had the fortune to attend the opening of a wonderful exhibition for the Japanese typographer Kohei Sugiura.

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Indian Rupee Symbol ₹ in use (or not)

Recently on TypeDrawers, a question was asked about how the Indian rupee symbol is being utilized in casual handwriting in the wild. After about a year in India, I have indeed seen it...

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Ahmedabad Trip #2

For my second trip to Ahmedabad, I had the pleasure of visiting with Kimya and Georg Seifert. The agenda was to meet with the guys at ITF (Indian Type Foundry) to catch up...

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Misc Mumbai (3D) Signs Vol. 1

A few nice 3D signs to add to the collection.

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मुंबई Bombay

मुंबई Bombay

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Misc Mumbai (Handpainted) Signs Vol. 1

This site has been moderately broken since the last update a couple months ago, but I’m happy to report that it’s now back to most of it’s pervious functionality. To celebrate, this post...

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