Nice 3D lettering at Shivaji Park

Nice 3D lettering on a Shivaji Park sign. The natural dust and dirt on it really defines and makes the letters pop.

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Horn (NOT) OK Please

Unfortunately as you can see here, it’s no longer OK to Horn Please in Mumbai. The words Horn Please or Horn OK Please are very common on every shape and size of truck...

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Kohei Sugiura: Graphic Design Methodology and Philosophy

Last night I had the fortune to attend the opening of a wonderful exhibition for the Japanese typographer Kohei Sugiura.

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Misc Mumbai (3D) Signs Vol. 1

A few nice 3D signs to add to the collection.

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मुंबई Bombay

मुंबई Bombay

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Misc Mumbai (Handpainted) Signs Vol. 1

This site has been moderately broken since the last update a couple months ago, but I’m happy to report that it’s now back to most of it’s pervious functionality. To celebrate, this post...

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Registration Office →

So weird

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Love this K! I barely got the shot as the rickshaw zipped past.

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A rather freshly painted truck

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Pizza Hut Devanagari

I’m not entirely sure how I feel about this Pizza Hut logo adaptation to Devanagari. It is clearly much much better than average here, but it doesn’t completely fit with the Latin counterpart....

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Dadar Textile Shop Signs

I haven’t spent so much time in the Dadar neighborhood in Mumbai. But the other day I was passing through and could help but admire the sheer quantity of gorgeous shop signs. Really,...

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Mumbai Tempo Service Trucks

Remarkable to Mumbai are these Tempo Service (delivery) trucks. Each individual’s truck is painted with their name and number in unique ways.

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