8 April, 2014


Love this K! I barely got the shot as the rickshaw zipped past.

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Lucknow Gun Shop Signs
26 March, 2014

Lucknow has a couple blocks running through the middle of the city house tons of gun shops (all with hand-painted signs!). Quickly passing by one day in a taxi I snapped some pics…

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Kolkata Bus Emergency Exit Signs
25 March, 2014

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A rather freshly painted truck
10 March, 2014

A rather freshly painted truck

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Pizza Hut Devanagari
27 February, 2014

pizza hut devanagari

pizza hut latin

I’m not entirely sure how I feel about this Pizza Hut logo adaptation to Devanagari. It is clearly much much better than average here, but it doesn’t completely fit with the Latin counterpart. At first glance I enjoyed it quite a bit (especially the funky ह), but the more I look at it the less I think it matches well enough. Still, props for trying!

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Dadar Textile Shop Signs
26 February, 2014

I haven’t spent so much time in the Dadar neighborhood in Mumbai. But the other day I was passing through and could help but admire the sheer quantity of gorgeous shop signs. Really, there were so many, and this is only some from (basically) part of one street. The area is full of textile shops and wholesalers, so all these signs are thematically related to fabrics.

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Mumbai Tempo Service Trucks
3 October, 2013

Remarkable to Mumbai are these Tempo Service (delivery) trucks. Each individual’s truck is painted with their name and number in unique ways.

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Man with big ol’ letter
28 August, 2013

"Man with big ol' letter"

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Delhi: Chandni Chowk
26 August, 2013

The old city of Delhi is fascinating. In the maze of crowded streets and alleys there is also no shortage of beautiful letters!

Next up: The Standard Type Foundry! (to be continued)

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Kolkata Buses’ Pilot Signs
24 August, 2013

This collection of images comes from the streets of Kolkata. The city buses there are extremely distinct; they have their own style with features unique to Kolkata (at least compared to the other cities I’ve seen).

“Pilot”, or occasionally just “Driver”, is always painted on the driver’s door. The novelty of this insignia is enhanced greatly by the sheer diversity of styles and forms that are used to express it. All are hand-painted of course and the painters take great artistic interpretations of how Pilot can look.

About the photo quality: the buses in Kolkata rarely stop and are tricky to casually shoot. Passengers hop on and off while the bus just slows down a bit. Regardless, hopefully thede are good enough to see a subset of the variety of lettering found on Kolkata buses.

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Indian Newspaper Mastheads Exhibition
29 November, 2012

This is a huge post, but incredibly worthwhile if you can make it through the gallery. These 99 images show only a fraction of the content that this dense exhibition had to offer.

Also, be sure to read a bit more about the collection below the images.

This display was a major highlight of the Typography Day 2012 conference in Mumbai, India. Organized by the typocentric group Aksharaya, hundreds of individuals from around India sent in local and regional newspapers to assemble this significant collection.

Present here are more than 500 newspapers from every corner of the country*. The information accompanying the exhibition stated that there were 10 scripts and 26 languages represented in the show; according to their website, there were 16 languages and 12 scripts shown. Regardless of the correct figures, there is a rich variety of languages, letterforms, and styles that can be easily appreciated and referenced here.

Aksharaya has promised to now digitally archive this entire collection and make it available online for everyone! This will be quite an exciting and useful project, let’s keep our fingers that it actually happens.

More about this exhibition from Aksharaya’s website.


* This exhibition only contains a tiny sliver of India’s unbelievable newspaper assortment. As of 2011, there are over 80,000 registered newspapers!

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