Faenza – Second Visit

More letters from Faenza

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Faenza Ceramics Museum

Besides type, ceramics is another major personal interests. On my second trip to Faenza I had the pleasure of visiting this substantial ceramics museum. Since this site is dedicated to type, I’m only...

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Kerning Conference 2017

My second Kerning Conference!

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Faenza’s Giant Cemetery

Just a few of my wonderful finds (well, 48 of them) from Il Cimitero Dell'Osservanza in Faenza, Italy.

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Faenza Signs

Some nice letters found on my first trip to Faenza.

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Kerning Conference 2014

I missed the first Kerning Conference in 2013, but I made it to round #2 this year. My very short review of this short conference: it’s a great excuse to visit Italy. I...

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AV Kerning

Odd kerning practices in Faenza...

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Faenza House Numbers

They are almost always hand painted numbers on ceramic tiles. Sometimes they are fairly funky too! Update: This gallery has been updated in 2017 to include a few new images from this year’s...

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