Some Views of Reykjavík
25 November, 2012

In my final installment of letters found in Iceland, are a few images found in an around Reykjavík. There’s a lot more to see there and I need to get back there to take more pics!

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Eths in ðe Wild
10 October, 2012

Curious or confused about ðat strange letter ð?

It can be a bit difficult understand if you don’t get up close and personal wiþ it in person.

Ðese photos capture ðe elusive ð in its natural environment of Iceland. Inhabiting ðis little island are a wide variety of ðs. You may be surprised at ðe many different shapes and forms ðis special character can take.

You can also follow ð on Twitter: @the_letter_eth

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ATypI Reykyavík 2011
28 September, 2012

Super quick summary:

The best ATypI ever? Quite possibly. Certainly the best I’ve had the fortune to attend.

Slightly more:

Much of the appeal of this conference was thanks to the magical location – and of course the people.

The talks were certainly mixed as usual.

Seeing tons of old friends was the best part of the conference. It does have a strange ‘club’ feeling to it being 75% of the same people each year… But it’s nice. It’s also great to meet some new people as well.

The venue, a brand new building called the Harpa Concert Hall, was incredible.

Reykjavik was a beautiful little city. It had a different feeling to it than anywhere else I’ve visited… it’s hard to explain. I really hope to go back sometime.

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Reykyavík Cemetery
14 September, 2012

These images come from the Hólavallagarður cemetery in Reykyavík, Iceland. You won’t find the most innovative inscriptions here, but there are some cool techniques and some especially interesting forms of Icelandic-specific characters that are surprising. Also, a personal favorite of mine is when these damp, grayish cemeteries are covered in moss.

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Reykjavík House Numbers
14 September, 2012

Reykyavík is a wonderful little city. It has a quaint, homey, special feeling that I haven’t experienced from other places. It would certainly be a great place to spend more time – at least some months… then maybe it gets smaller… There was not an overwhelming amount of interesting house numbers there, but these few give a small taste of the place.

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World Scripts Exhibition – Reykjavík Version
9 October, 2011

As seen at ATypI 2011 in Reykjavík, Iceland.

Some of the usual Reading crew brought some of the usual non-Latin treasures from the department to share with the conference goers.

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