Hoopeston Sweet Corn Festival
14 October, 2008

These handmade signs fit right in with Hoopeston’s annual Sweet Corn Festival in late August. For just a couple bucks you get admission to the festivities (an atmosphere like a state fair) and as much corn as you can eat. Serious digestive problems are guaranteed the next day. To clarify one of the above pictures, the sign announcing the “limit 6 ears per person” is only referring only to each time through the line. Shrewd patrons bring their own containers to hoard vast quantities of additional corn – for later at home of course. (It is never as good the next day though.)

After finishing the corn, be sure to stick around for the National SweetHeart Pageant which is just a few steps away from the big Miss America Pageant. But wait, there’s more! On top of all this you can also enjoy: a corn eating contest, flee market, raffle, petting zoo, pony and camel rides, beer tent, chili cook off in the beer tent, magician, hypnotist, teen dance, demolition derby, an autograph session, and an antique auto show!

Welcome to Central Illinois!

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Boston Cemeteries
6 October, 2008

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A few sights from Leipzig
30 September, 2008

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Ceramics Exhibition in New York City
12 September, 2008

This show was at Parsons School of Design as a part of the TypeCon conference. This year’s conference theme was “Alphabet City”, which was the inspiration for the main portion of this exhibition – my Alphabet Cityscapes series.

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Spy Photos from Linotype’s Vault
12 September, 2008

Linotype has a large underground vault to safely archive, hold, hide, protect, and get out-of-the-way substancial collections of old stuff. Here you can see a special peek inside to get a rare glimpse of the contents. There are old matricies, books, and original drawings among the stacks. As you can see, not all non-Latin materials are actually in Reading as proven by these Amharic drawings. There were several other original artifacts including Devanagari films. The comic is from Linotype’s interesting “fonts over the phone line” sales campaign (comics in numerous languages). Some other items not pictured are old servers, thousands of friskets for photo-typesetting, correspondences from old type projects (such as the development of Helvetica), troves of financial documents, and other misc old things.

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Trinity Church Cemetery
20 August, 2008

Stumbled across the Trinity Church Cemetery in lower Manhattan. It’s rather old by American standards, most dates are mid 18th C. – mid 19th C. According to Wikipedia there are many notable people there. I didn’t notice though, was too busy admiring the lettering styles and nice illustrations.

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TypeCon Buffalo 2008
21 July, 2008

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Typo Berlin 2008
1 June, 2008

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German Candy Packaging
14 April, 2008

It is no secret that I have a sweet tooth (and many cavities to prove it), but I am especially weak in certain cases. These treats were bought mostly out of interest for the lettering, more than being hungry. However. all were tasty. Germany has some interesting packaging that is frequently significantly different than that back in the US. Check out larger images on the next page.

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Typotechnica 2007
5 November, 2007

Typotechnica was a two day conference hosted by Linotype for the fourth time. Held in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, it was conveniently close to the Linotype headquarters in Bad Homburg on April 27-29th. The conference was fairly small (maybe 100-200 people), but had a good atmosphere and was the perfect mix of topics for me as a Reading student just starting out with type design. It was neither too technical nor too basic. I walked away from the even inspired and excited. (It was also here that I met Otmar Hoefer and was offered the opportunity to work at Linotype after my graduation!)

Tom Phinney from Adobe has written an extensive review of the conference, including notes and key points from many talks.

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ATypI Brighton 2007
24 October, 2007

This conference was a blur. My experience echoes that of Dan Rhatigan in the first photo – work work work. The majority of time was spent trying to complete my dissertation as the deadline was just after ATypI. And I had A LOT left to finish. I only attended a few talks as most of my time was spent sitting in the hallways typing and editing images. What I did get to see what interesting, and Brighton was a very nice little city, but I left wishing I had seen more.

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ICTVC 2007
30 June, 2007

{Memoirs Disclaimer: This entry is posted 5 years late, backdated for timeline continuity sake.}
{Therefore, the summary will be extra short and possibly rose-colored.}

Being at the University of Reading and being under the wing of Gerry Leonidas, many of the MATD students took opportunity to attend the ICTVC conference in Thessaloniki, Greece. It was a great weekend! Our main group (consisting mostly of current & past Reading students (but there were also a few other cool people like Rich Kegler)) was comfortably shuttled around by several Greek natives. There were never any issues of getting lost in the foreign script or having serious communication problems. The food was generally amazing – again thanks to our chaperones we’d sit down at a restaurant and 20 minutes later piles of food would just appear on the table without us having to even look at a menu.

The conference was held in the University of Macedonia. The place was disgustingly hot, humid, and full of smokers, but the main hall was refreshingly frigid. There were many fascinating talks full of inspiring work and research. I’ll never forget getting to hear Paul Stiff speak about his fascination with hand-drawn maps. He was an incredible man. We finally had the chance to see the Helvetica film, complete with Gary Hustwit! The low point of talks was for sure Neville Brody… He hypocritically ranted for well well over his time slot and into dinner. Luckily I’ve erased from my memory exactly what he was rambling about, but I recall there being a strong anti-corporate message supported by a backdrop of his large portfolio of corporate work. I mostly remember wanting to leave.

I can absolutely recommend the ICTVC conferences (see a more substantial post about the 2010 conference) to anyone interested in type and design. They are not always completely organized or ran so smoothly, but many talks are guaranteed to be good, the locations are topical and beautiful, and you will certainly meet a lot of cool people.

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