A Visit to Archivio Tipografico
21 December, 2018

It was so exciting to visit the Archivio Tipografico this summer. We were graciously given a detailed tour and got to explore their incredible studio and archives. There is so much great stuff and work being produced there (we still love the posters we got from them last year)! It’s definitely worth a visit for anyone into type in Torino!

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Il Cirmolo – Vintage e modernariato
14 December, 2018

These are some surreptitious pics snapped at Milan’s most interesting vintage shops. We were drawn in by the signs in the window and were hooked by all the great type inside. Unfortunately we weren’t close to buying anything here, but we’d certainly go back if we win the lottery. Note to self: buy some lottery tickets.

There is tons more to see in the shop – it’s certainly worth a visit. But since I didn’t ask about taking photos I wasn’t very thorough or exacting with the clicking pics.

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Milan House Numbers
8 December, 2018

A few nice house numbers from Milan. I should have interviewed Antonio Cavedoni about this more, he seems to know a lot about the different styles, manufactures, and histories of these unique figures…

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Milan Type
4 November, 2018

There’s more than just fashion in Milan. There’s also plenty of inspiring type to be found, several great book stores worth checking out, and the food was pretty good too :)

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Happy National Grouch Day, or not. Cosette doesn’t care.
15 October, 2018

Happy, or not. Cosette doesn’t care.

Happy #nationalgrouchday, or not. Cosette doesn’t care.

Photo taken at: Mota Italic

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30 September, 2018


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A few more misc letters from Genoa
29 September, 2018

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Portofino Cemetery
26 September, 2018

Not a bad place to spend eternity.

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September Book Haul
25 September, 2018

Just back from a US and EU trip,…

Just back from a US and EU trip, which means a new book haul! This trip may be a new personal record: 29 type books (one not shown here) and 8 non-type books. They were heavy.

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Portofino Walk
24 September, 2018

We took the train from Genoa to Santa Margherita (~45 min) for a little day trip. To get from Santa Margherita to our ultimate destination of Portofino we opted to walk the 6km along the winding seaside rather than take the bus. The 1.5–2 hour trek was really beautiful! There weren’t many letters to show off, but the nature made up for it :) Here are some of the more typographic snaps taken this day.

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Genoa Metalworks
23 September, 2018

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Think of the forests we would have could have saved…
13 September, 2018

“Think of the forests we would have saved if we had adopted ‘Th’ and ‘ng’ ligatures” — Matthew Carter @ATypI

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