Slowly cataloging our library

Thank you Bookpedia.

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Faenza Ceramics Museum

Besides type, ceramics is another major personal interests. On my second trip to Faenza I had the pleasure of visiting this substantial ceramics museum. Since this site is dedicated to type, I’m only...

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Meet Nukta, the latest addition to our family…

Official 7 week old portrait

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Kerning Conference 2017

My second Kerning Conference!

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We got some offline ❤ from the Mid-Day newspaper

All the news that's fit to print

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We’ve been proud to always include the German ẞ in our fonts

It's exciting that it's now an officially recognized letter! We are hopeful that more designers will make it a part of their standard character sets.

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Ran into a fancy car show in Modena


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The Kerning Conference was a great time (again)!

was a great time (again)! It was wonderful to visit Faenza and see a lot of old friends again. Thanks to all the organizers and speakers. See you again soon I hope!

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Type hunting with @typeoff in Italy :)

From Ravena.

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+1 for Martina Flor’s new book!

We have a new member joining our collection!

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36 Days of Type 2017

Earlier this year I participated in the 36 Days of Type and used it as an excuse to show off a new typeface I'm calling "Collection".

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The Letterform Archive!

We FINALLY made it to visit the Letterform Archive> this last January. I've been hoping to see this in person for years now, and meet the founder of it Rob Saunders.

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