Chowda Heads Make Some Wicked Type

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Den Haag House Numbers = Diverse and Interesting

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Yup, my American cat is already enjoying life in Berlin

Cosette just immigrated to Germany from Illinois.

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Vesper & Beyond: Introducing Our New Foundry…

Today’s post is a bit of a mixed bag. It was intended to be an exciting announcement about my new project, but certain events have toned things down a bit. As many of...

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Found in Rome

More signs found in Rome – Part 2

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Robothon 2009 Recap

Intro: For those of you not able to make it to Robothon 2009, here are some thoughts, recollections, and images from the great event. A good deal of the conference has already appeared...

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Left Out Letters

In a gesture of giving, these ceramic letters were left out free for anyone to discover and take home. Some were left in specific places for specific people, others were left randomly in...

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The Color Alphabet

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FontLab Fail!


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The Current Projects :

Recently I have been overly busy with several large projects, and updates here at the blog have been lacking. In the coming weeks I will be posting more about these new things.  ...

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Das Buchstaben (Letter!) Museum

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NYC Public Library Indic Books

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