The Sign, part 1.
20 June, 2011

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Our signs are finally getting installed!
19 June, 2011

About freaking time: 24 days late but at least they are finally getting installed!

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Tickle me Kosmik
17 June, 2011

“Tickle me Kosmik” by @letterror animates itself using variations w/ CSS!!! Via John Daggett #ampconf

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By no means a new invention, but…
16 June, 2011

(By no means a new invention, but) England ingeniously conquers soggy toast

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Unfortunately you can’t see it…
23 May, 2011

Unfortunately you can’t see it here, but @baldcondensed drew either an “I” with an erection or a “Y”

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Typo Berlin 2011
22 May, 2011

Very short summary:
This was such an excellent Typo! It was the perfect mix of quality talks, awesome friends, and good organization.

My two favorite talks:
František Štorm gave my favorite talk of the conference; it was a hilarious and insightful look into his work and what “Czech” typefaces are. It WAS my favorite until the final talk of the weekend given by Christoph Niemann. I didn’t know his name till then, but I was familiar with most of his work. The guy is amazing… I’d recommend checking him out on Twitter as well.

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The abstract-o-meter
21 May, 2011

via: Christoph Niemann #typo11

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Sad morning
18 May, 2011

They are chopping down all the trees on our street :(

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A Temporary M
16 May, 2011

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Klaus Rähm Wortschätze Exhibition
17 April, 2011

Klaus Rähm: Wortschätze, Typografik – Satirische Inszenierungen von A-Z

08.04.2011 – 20.05.2011

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Props to Hannes von Dohren
31 March, 2011

This is a bit late, but I wanted to send props to @hvdfonts for making the coolest typodarium layout ever.

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Not many iPad 2s in stock…
25 March, 2011

There are not many iPads here. Predicting a very sad crowd.

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