Halloween 2010
30 November, 2010

I haven’t done anything on/for Halloween in years. Last month I decided to get out of the house and pay tribute to the awesome typographer/designer Florian Hardwig. His “Neue Welt” portrait is something of a local legend, and in honor of this I set out to reenact it.


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Winter in the backyard
25 November, 2010

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Currently drawing…
10 November, 2010


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The Bomb
6 November, 2010

From Gemma’s multiple master dingbats. Thin, Light, Regular, Demi, Bold

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Friends and Lovers
2 November, 2010

Any combination is possible; these are only a few.

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Poor guy
4 October, 2010

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Schrift in Form 2
21 September, 2010

I was honored to be invited by Peter and Tanja of Typosition to participate in the second “Schrift in Form”. Two A1 posters for each typeface/designer were submitted: first was the designer’s favorite recipe designed how they wished (with a new typeface), and the second was a poster simply showing the character set.

My submission pimping my still unfinished Gemma type family, was of “Sonja’s Weird Salad” (invented by Sonja, named by me). It’s awesome, really. It’s so good I want to share it with you. Try it out!

One small bit of advise: The quantities of ingredients are approximate. You may want to adjust them somewhat.

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Vesper Devanagari
19 August, 2010

In Typodarium

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12 August, 2010


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Bye bye facebook
9 August, 2010

Oded Ezer deleting his Facebook account! This was a big moment!

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On the plane
5 August, 2010

To Tel Aviv

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27 July, 2010


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