Left Out Letters

In a gesture of giving, these ceramic letters were left out free for anyone to discover and take home. Some were left in specific places for specific people, others were left randomly in...

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The Color Alphabet

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FontLab Fail!


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The Current Projects :

Recently I have been overly busy with several large projects, and updates here at the blog have been lacking. In the coming weeks I will be posting more about these new things.  ...

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Das Buchstaben (Letter!) Museum

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NYC Public Library Indic Books

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Frankfurt am Main Main Cemetery


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Dimension and Typography – the show

On display until Feb 7th, the University of Illinois' I space gallery has a typographic treat...

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Bright, Loud, & Scary

The packaging of these fireworks are definitely as bright, loud, and scary as the pyrotechnics that they spit out. Exploded cases like these could be found all over Berlin on Jan 1st. Depending...

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Letters in the 3rd Dimension

The other day I came across a recent statement by Jimmy Luu, faculty in graphic design at the University of Illinois. In this interview he declared: “Up until the past decade, letters have...

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More from Typographic Berlin

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Sweet French Type & Lettering

Jules Vernacular is an awesome site documenting French vernacular type and lettering. As of now there are 38 pages of photos of store windows, signs, inscriptions, and some of the coolest lettering you will find anywhere. Here are a few "basically random" examples from the site.

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