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I know we both like type. If you are anything like me then you probably also have a slight addiction to following the latest updates and buzz in “the industry”. Us type geeks/nerds...

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Lauren DiCioccio’s Typographic, Type-Free Art

I love this work.

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An Evolutionary Leap in Indian Keyboards (?)

This topic might not be of interest to everyone, so feel free to tune out in just a moment if the next sentence doesn’t sound cool. Brahmi Computing has announced their new concept in Indian keyboard layout and functionality!

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Ditchling Cemetery

A beautiful little cemetery in Ditchling, UK.

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@lorp and his sweet rides

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Scared about webfont rendering.

What is happening here?

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Tuesday is an important day…

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“Hot” Typography Trends

This article examines the hottest new trend in typography. You don't want to miss this one!

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TYPO Berlin 09…

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Vintage German Design & Lettering

Following up to the popular GDR packaging/branding post, I present here 20 more great vintage specimens.

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More Signs from Rome

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Everyday Branding in the GDR

Commonly referred to as East Germany, the former German Democratic Republic existed from 1949-1990. During that period, a significant portion of Germany was virtually cut off from the rest of the world (at...

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