Always in progress
15 July, 2008

You Should Like Type Too .com blackletter sketch


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Typo Berlin 2008
1 June, 2008

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Pangrams are fun
29 April, 2008

Akira Zapf Optima pangram

Being into type, either professionally or casually, pangrams are a nice way to quickly sample all letters of the alphabet.

Craig Eliason has set up an entertaining and fun blog for new pangrams.

This week’s is all type-themed and he has started off with a great one! Make sure to keep checking his site for the rest.

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Fleming Fictions Find Fresh Facades
19 April, 2008

New james bond book covers

Ian Fleming (d. 1964) acclaimed creator and author of James bond would be celebrating his 100th birthday this year. In commemoration of this anniversary, Penguin UK is re-issuing his series of 14 books with newly designed hard covers created by Michael Gillette.

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German Candy Packaging
14 April, 2008

It is no secret that I have a sweet tooth (and many cavities to prove it), but I am especially weak in certain cases. These treats were bought mostly out of interest for the lettering, more than being hungry. However. all were tasty. Germany has some interesting packaging that is frequently significantly different than that back in the US. Check out larger images on the next page.

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Fashionable Type
11 March, 2008

fashion, Viktor and Rolf, type, fonts on clothes

So here is part of Viktor and Rolf’s new runway collection. Not critiquing the actual fashion, this is simply to point out the serious use of type in the clothing. Good or bad, it is fun to see. Contrary to what this site says:

Her eyes may say ‘yes’ but her clothes say ‘no’…

I have to say the “NOs” seem rather redundant because the models look quite unhappy and icy. Here are a couple extra images:

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Typotechnica 2007
5 November, 2007

Typotechnica was a two day conference hosted by Linotype for the fourth time. Held in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, it was conveniently close to the Linotype headquarters in Bad Homburg on April 27-29th. The conference was fairly small (maybe 100-200 people), but had a good atmosphere and was the perfect mix of topics for me as a Reading student just starting out with type design. It was neither too technical nor too basic. I walked away from the even inspired and excited. (It was also here that I met Otmar Hoefer and was offered the opportunity to work at Linotype after my graduation!)

Tom Phinney from Adobe has written an extensive review of the conference, including notes and key points from many talks.

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ATypI Brighton 2007
24 October, 2007

This conference was a blur. My experience echoes that of Dan Rhatigan in the first photo – work work work. The majority of time was spent trying to complete my dissertation as the deadline was just after ATypI. And I had A LOT left to finish. I only attended a few talks as most of my time was spent sitting in the hallways typing and editing images. What I did get to see what interesting, and Brighton was a very nice little city, but I left wishing I had seen more.

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MATD Photo(blog) / page of pics
18 October, 2007

Check out some photos and news from last year’s University of Reading, MA Typeface Design class… This area is now basically closed seeing as how I have moved away. I have a few more additions and changes to make still, but then it will be complete.

For posterity’s sake, you can check everything out here…

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MATD Typefaces Online
2 August, 2007


The MATD07 class website is online now. Most people have uploaded PDFs or links to image samples of their typefaces. I am in the latter group. You can see some more photos of my design here.

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Fonts finally submitted
25 July, 2007


The MATD 07 typefaces are submitted! Everyone made it in on time and they all turned out really well. In the coming weeks there will be a class website put up where you can check out all the designs (update: see them here). Until then, here is the first public image of my design, Vesper.

Update #2: See more about, try, and license Vesper from Mota Italic!

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Non-Latin Type Conference
16 July, 2007

Non-Latin Type Conference Poster

Staying a few conferences ahead, here is the poster for the Non-Latin conference jointly at St. Brides (London) and the University of Reading’s Typography Department. Definitely try to visit if only for the exhibition, it will certainly be worth the trip alone (and it is free).

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