Beer Coasters
25 July, 2016

Kinda like giant, alcohol-themed stamps, beer coasters are interesting exercises in design and typography. This small collection of images comes via a little pub in Berlin. They had a massive wall of these, but here is just a taste of what was on display.

I think it’s something I’ll eventually want to start collecting… (I already have a few, I’ll post those soon.)

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The Printed Word Is Dead
12 May, 2015


“The last paper edition of The New York Times will appear in 2018.”

This quote comes from Dick Brass, Vice Chairman of Technology Development at Microsoft back in 2001. The photo is from “The Advertising Brief, 8th August, 2002”. You can see the full article regarding the end of print in the images below.

It’s getting hard to imagine this coming true anymore, but we’ll see in three years. And as the author M G Moinuddin point out, don’t forget about the larger picture: [if newspapers die] “what will the market use to wrap fish?”


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I 💛 India and all the paintings everywhere
23 March, 2014

I 💛 India and all the paintings everywhere

I 💛 India and all the paintings everywhere

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