8 October, 2015


From a fun side project (but still a font).

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This new type family’s ☠ is an alien
25 September, 2015

This new type family's ☠ is an alien...

This new type family’s ☠ is an alien skull (also currently re-watching the entirety of the X-Files).

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From the {It’s a Font!} opening party
27 April, 2012

Visitors colored their own pictures :) This one was the best!!!

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16 December, 2011

Lasered fish dingbat from Gemma

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The Bomb
6 November, 2010

From Gemma’s multiple master dingbats. Thin, Light, Regular, Demi, Bold

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Friends and Lovers
2 November, 2010

Any combination is possible; these are only a few.

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Poor guy
4 October, 2010

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