Signature Type Exhibition
2 August, 2014

The Brno Biennial is hosting an exhibition of Rostislav Vaněk’s work. He created a variety of icons of Czech designs (including great systems like the signage the Prague metro). This gallery shows one small room specifically dedicated to his typeface designs. More can be seen at Signature Type Foundry.

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Piece by Dominic McGill @ Gestalten Space
18 December, 2013

Currently on display till January 12th at the Gestalten Space in Berlin is The Age of Collage exhibition. In this group show, there is one particualry outstanding peace by Dominic McGill that you type geeks will appreciate. These are a few snapshots of his creative penciled lettering.

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Going through the archives this week:
9 September, 2013

Going through the archives this week: the index...

Going through the archives this week: the index for all the participants of the first exhibition at Mota Italic. And Cosette.

Photo taken at: Mota Italic

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The official Typographic Thali truck.
20 August, 2013

The official Typographic Thali truck.

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The Mastering Type 13 Exhibition:
22 July, 2013

Our Instagram stream has been populated with Mastering Type specimens. Here you can see a bit more of everything from the show. It was a great year for both programs!



Aakriti by Katy Mawhood (MATD) • View in Instagram



Amanita by Krista Radoeva (t]m) • View in Instagram



Aronde by Stéphane Passerat (MATD) • View in Instagram



Binky by Teo Tuominen (t]m) • View in Instagram



Botanica by Tania Alvarez Zaldivar • View in Instagram



Brisbane by Troy Leinster (t]m) • View in Instagram



Caligula by Jonas Niedermann (MATD) • View in Instagram



Chimera by Maria Doreuli (t]m) • View in Instagram



Curtis by Bernd Volmer (t]m) • View in Instagram



Damien by Lukas Schneider (t]m) • View in Instagram



Editura by Diana L. Ovezea (t]m) • View in Instagram



Kingyo by Reiko Hirai (MATD) • View in Instagram



Klabauter by Louisa-Helen Fröhlich (MATD) • View in Instagram



Makeda by Liron Lavi Turkenich (MATD) • View in Instagram



Mala by Barbara Bigosińska (t]m) • View in Instagram



Mello by Lisa Timpe (MATD) • View in Instagram



Natan by William Montrose (MATD) • View in Instagram



Nomad by Florian Runge (MATD) • View in Instagram



Nurraq by Étienne Aubert Bonn (t]m) • View in Instagram



Prakashan by Alessia Mazzarella (MATD) • View in Instagram



Ricochet by Sun Helen Isdahl Kalvenes (t]m) • View in Instagram



Salom by Igor Labudovic (MATD) • View in Instagram



Téras by Sebastian Losch (MATD) • View in Instagram



Westeinde by Adam Katyi (t]m) • View in Instagram

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Mastering Type 13 opening is on
12 July, 2013

Mattering Type 13 opening is on

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@martinaflor and @beppeartz giving their presentation at their…
1 March, 2013

@martinaflor and @beppeartz giving their presentation at their...

@martinaflor and @beppeartz giving their presentation at their opening.

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The writing on the wall…
26 February, 2013

The writing on the wall... By @beppeartz

Calligraphy by @beppeartz

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Right-to-Left Exhibition
1 December, 2012

I’ve shown so many images of this impressive show, so I won’t say too much. Mostly that if you are in Berlin in the next week (until December 9th, 2012), you must check this show out. Organized by the Berlin-based studio EPS51, they have brought together an array of designers, artists, and activists from across the Arab world in a remarkable way. Having now organized several exhibitions myself, I can more fully appreicate the efforts they put in and how outstanding the results are.

I finally visited the show after meeting one of the organizers, Ben Wittner, at the Babel symposium earlier in the week. The evening I stopped by there was a lecture by Huda Smitshuijzen-AbiFarès from Amsterdam. She spoke on Arabic Typography as an Agent of Resistance. If these topics interest you, there will be a few more: one on December 6th by Sandra Hetzl, Gabriela M. Keller, and guests from Syria; and the finissage on December 9th will host Nadine Chahine, Eps51, Pascal Zoghbi, and Antje Weitzel.

More info (and better images) are available at the Right-to-Left official website.

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World Scripts Exhibition – Reykjavík Version
9 October, 2011

As seen at ATypI 2011 in Reykjavík, Iceland.

Some of the usual Reading crew brought some of the usual non-Latin treasures from the department to share with the conference goers.

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Dimension and Typography – the show
28 January, 2009

dimension and typography


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Aleksandra Mir Drawings @ Saatchi
29 November, 2008

Aleksandra Mir drawings at Saatchi Gallery
Check out for some wonderful drawings by Aleksandra Mir. This virtual gallery has many pieces from the collection in relatively large sizes and some good commentary from the artist and gallery. These type-intensive drawings have a historical/newsroom influence that is especially poignant in today’s environment. Here are a couple images to whet your appetite:

Aleksandra Mir drawings at Saatchi Gallery
Aleksandra Mir drawings at Saatchi Gallery
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