The Volksbuehne Theater Covers Berlin in Amazing Posters
15 August, 2015

Going through my virtual piles of photos, I’ve came across a few posters that I’ve been wanting to post for some time. Made for the Berlin theater “Volksbühne“, this wonderful campaign has been going on for a couple years now, but never gets old.

Florian Hardwig has already written two extensive pieces (the first, and second) on this series some time ago, and they are very much worth checking out!

These posters stand out starkly against most of the other designs pasted all over the city. The layouts are deceptively simple, but the variety of typefaces and colors keep them looking fresh, eye-catching, and instantly recognizable every time. I’d consider this an incredibly “successful” redesign and advertising strategy… but I am deeply interested to know how this has affected ticket sales, website traffic, funding, etc. I hope the Volksbühne would call these a success as well.





Updates from 2016


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Florian’s hat 2012
17 November, 2012

Prerequisites to this post:
This one & this one too.

Silly Florian left his precious on the desk and then left the room. So I hacked it again :)

He came back with a spontaneous mashup attempt.

The loop is now closed.

Bonus: even Stephen Coles got to get in on the party… after:

@kupfers @rnkeller Still my favorite entry

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14 March, 2011

Muhahahahahaha! @hardwig left his precious cap here the other day and I've been making some modifications :D

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Halloween 2010
30 November, 2010

I haven’t done anything on/for Halloween in years. Last month I decided to get out of the house and pay tribute to the awesome typographer/designer Florian Hardwig. His “Neue Welt” portrait is something of a local legend, and in honor of this I set out to reenact it.


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