A Truck’s Stop Signal
17 March, 2018

Brief: write “Stop Signal” and incorporate a smoking…

Brief: write “Stop Signal” and incorporate a smoking fish somehow.

Photo taken at: Navi Mumbai (New Mumbai), India

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Random Letters from Goa
16 March, 2018

From the recentish archives, these images were all taken in Goa in October 2017.

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Tempo truck of the day
3 February, 2018

Tempo truck of the day

Tempo truck of the day.

Photo taken at: Mumbai, Maharashtra

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Fast Food
20 October, 2016

Some of the best food in India is...

Some of the best food in India is from the shadiest places.

Photo taken at: New Delhi, India

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Our Lady of Hope Cemetery, Goa
8 October, 2015

This quaint little cemetery was found in Goa’s Candolim area. Most of the names were hand painted with ornamented letters, but some appear to have been homemade. There were more traditional stone carved examples around the paremeter that also contained some interesting letterforms.

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One of the nicest tempo trucks I’ve seen in a long time
3 February, 2015

One of the nicest tempo trucks I've seen...

I barely snapped this pic while speeding by in a rickshaw. For every photo I snap in India, there is another cool one that I miss or that doesn’t turn out at all.

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TypoPolo Exhibition
22 June, 2014

“TypoPolo” is a notion which describes an aesthetic phenomenon, namely, the amateur designs of advertisements, signboards or informative inscriptions made for small businesses and crafts, which came into being in the Polish public sphere of the 1990s.

TypoPolo @ the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw

I first heard of this special exhibition at Typo Berlin last month from the Hakabo talk. Not yet having been to Poland, it was the perfect excuse to finally go because of it’s concrete (and time-sensitive) typographic theme. The exhibition is still up for another week (I saw it on what was to be the last day, but then it was extended two weeks)(April 29 – June 29, 2014), so maybe you can hurry to Warsaw to catch it!

A few days later, I happened to meet a man in Brno, Czech while we were in a line to get a beer… I mentioned that I was just in Warsaw, and that I mainly went just to see this show (and the Neon Museum)… and that I really enjoyed it. He then introduced himself as Rene Wawrzkiewicz, the curator of TypoPolo! He was super excited to hear someone went all the way there just for the show :) He also apologized that there weren’t English translations of the text (due to the budget of course). But then shared the great news that TypoPolo will travel to Wrocław later this year, and they are planning a bi-lingual book to also be published. I’m very much looking forward to that!

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STD Mumbai
31 March, 2014

More from Mumbai

From a phone stall in Mumbai

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Mumbai Tempo Service Trucks
3 October, 2013

Remarkable to Mumbai are these Tempo Service (delivery) trucks. Each individual’s truck is painted with their name and number in unique ways.

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Truck Painting
18 September, 2013



A little gif documenting my painting of the truck for the Typographic Thali exhibition.

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Handmade Gangs of Wassey Pur movie poster from…
26 August, 2013

Handmade Gangs of Wassey Pur movie poster from...

Handmade Gangs of Wassey Pur movie poster from Bangalore.

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Hand Painted Signs of Mykonos
23 September, 2012

Mykonos: tourist hell. Could be a quaint little place in theory; it probably used to be… I can’t not recommend this as an interesting typographic destination for you hardcore letter-tourists. However, it is almost rescued by some distinctive hand painted signs.

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