Powązki Cemetery – Part 1

This is one of three connected cemeteries in the center of Warsaw. There is such a variety of styles and lettering techniques to be found here, it is a must see for any typophile.

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Warsaw Jewish Cemetery

This is one of the largest Jewish cemeteries in the world, and it's full of beautiful Hebrew and Latin lettering.

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Pisa Cathedral: Upcycling since 1064

I first heard about this interesting typographic attraction from Gerard Unger in a lecture at Reading in 2006-07. He shared some similar photos and told us how the cathedral was constructed using recycled...

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A small collection of some of Rome's SPQRs.

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Silver Terrace Cemetery near Virginia City, NV

The Silver Terrace Cemetery contains an incredible collection beautiful inscriptions.

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Labyrinth in Lucknow

Labyrinth in Lucknow.

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Finally visiting the Jewish cemetery right next door to me

Finally visiting the Jewish cemetery right next door to me.

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Prague’s Jewish Cemetery

After numerous trips to Prague, I finally made it to the famous Jewish cemetery right in the middle of the city. Every other time I went to visit, it was either closed or there...

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