Portofino Cemetery
26 September, 2018

Not a bad place to spend eternity.

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Roman Inscriptions
2 September, 2016

These photos are all from my archives from a few trips to Rome. Many were found on the streets or in cathedrals, while others were from the Vatican museum (the epigraphic gallery is generally closed to the public I believe), The National Roman Museum (really great place!), and the Musei Capitolini (must see!).

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Georgen-Parochial-Friedhof II
22 July, 2016

This one wasn’t amazing, but there were a few nice finds – as usual.

Friedrichshain, Berlin

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Genova House Numbers
2 July, 2016

Just a few nice house numbers recently found in Genoa/Genova Italy.

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Lafayette Cemetery №1
19 April, 2016

This is the only new cemetery I had the chance to visit on my December ’15 trip, but it’s full of nice lettering samples. Still so many more N.O. cemeteries to see! I need to go back…

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Faenza’s Giant Cemetery
10 November, 2014


Here are a few of my wonderful finds from Il Cimitero Dell’Osservanza in Faenza, Italy. This beautiful and sprawling cemetery takes hours to properly walk through, it is full of countless inspiring inscriptions, and it’s absolutely worth a visit. Maybe the Kerning conference will organize a tour of the grounds one of these years.

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The National Graveyard in Budapest
28 June, 2014

This is a huge cemetery in the middle of the city, right next to the main train station. It contains a few 18th C tombstones, several from the mid-19th C, many more recent ones, and several monuments and buildings. The grounds are sprawling with lots of green and empty areas between clumps of burial sites. There was much more to see there than I managed to view in my hour of zig-zagging around.

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Random Prenzlauer Berg Cemetery
9 July, 2013

I am not even sure about the name of this cemetery, and honestly it’s not intriguing enough to go back and check (google maps doesn’t know the name either). The overall age and quality of the inscriptions was utterly mediocre. However, this collection is useful as a benchmark for the average, but still, one will find a few interesting and creative solutions in the lettering.


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Florence Inscriptions
19 December, 2012

Beautiful inscriptions from the ancient to the modern can be found all over Italy. This small collection are some of my favorites from Florence…

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Kuşadası Cemetery
18 October, 2012

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Sonning Churchyard Cemetery
9 October, 2012

A few tombstones found in Sonning, just outside Reading, UK.

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Reykyavík Cemetery
14 September, 2012

These images come from the Hólavallagarður cemetery in Reykyavík, Iceland. You won’t find the most innovative inscriptions here, but there are some cool techniques and some especially interesting forms of Icelandic-specific characters that are surprising. Also, a personal favorite of mine is when these damp, grayish cemeteries are covered in moss.

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