Milan House Numbers
8 December, 2018

A few nice house numbers from Milan. I should have interviewed Antonio Cavedoni about this more, he seems to know a lot about the different styles, manufactures, and histories of these unique figures…

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Genoa Signs
10 August, 2018

Spotted in Genoa, Italy.

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Genoa Neon
4 July, 2018

There was quite a bit of nice neon in Genoa.

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Genoa House Numbers – Second Trip
29 June, 2018

Our first quick visit to Genoa, Italy in 2016 yielded a few nice house numbers… This year’s trip was a bit longer, so there are more things to show from it.

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Faenza – Second Visit
21 August, 2017

Thanks to the Kerning Conference, I’ve had the fortune to visit Faenza Italy two times now. These are a few of the nice letters I snapped while visiting this last June.

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Ran into a fancy car show in Modena
11 June, 2017

Ran into a fancy car show in the…

Ran into a fancy car show in the plaza outside our bed and breakfast today.

Photo taken at: Modena Cathedral

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The Kerning Conference was a great time (again)!
10 June, 2017

was a great time (again)! It was wonderful…

#kerningconf was a great time (again)! It was wonderful to visit Faenza and see a lot of old friends again. Thanks to all the organizers and speakers. See you again soon I hope!

Photo taken at: Faenza

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Napoli House Numbers
3 September, 2016

A few pics from a trip in 2010. Some photos are pretty bad, but usually, the worse the image the cooler the numbers.

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Letters from Naples
31 August, 2016

A small collection from the archives of signs and lettering found in Naples in 2010.

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Faenza Signs
2 August, 2014

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Faenza House Numbers
12 June, 2014

They are almost always hand painted numbers on ceramic tiles. Sometimes they are fairly funky too!

This gallery has been updated in 2017 to include a few new images from this year’s trip to Faenza.

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Venetian Signs
26 October, 2012

In Venice for a day, I found it to be a depressing city. It was clearly once a magical place — it must have been really amazing back in the day… But now it is falling apart and is over-ran with tourists. In most European cities you can sidestep a few main roads and avoid the major tourist traps… on first inspection, Venice was a bit different. The whole place seems like one giant tourist trap. There must be some decent other areas, but I did not find them on this trip.

That all being said, there were still some cool signs and I also got a nice little collection of interesting house numbers. I’ll have to go back again for a biennale – and hopefully see more off the sneaker-beaten path.

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