Faenza House Numbers
12 June, 2014

They are almost always hand painted numbers on ceramic tiles. Sometimes they are fairly funky too!

This gallery has been updated in 2017 to include a few new images from this year’s trip to Faenza.

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Venetian Signs
26 October, 2012

In Venice for a day, I found it to be a depressing city. It was clearly once a magical place — it must have been really amazing back in the day… But now it is falling apart and is over-ran with tourists. In most European cities you can sidestep a few main roads and avoid the major tourist traps… on first inspection, Venice was a bit different. The whole place seems like one giant tourist trap. There must be some decent other areas, but I did not find them on this trip.

That all being said, there were still some cool signs and I also got a nice little collection of interesting house numbers. I’ll have to go back again for a biennale – and hopefully see more off the sneaker-beaten path.

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Venice House Numbers
27 September, 2012

The predominate, standard style here was certainly the redish-brown stenciled numbers on a white background. But you’ll see, there were also many other creative licenses taken to give these buildings and shops distinctive location markers.

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More Signs from Rome
29 April, 2009


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Found in Rome
15 March, 2009

More signs found in Rome – Part 2

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