Kerning Conference 2017
7 July, 2017

I had the fortune to attend my second Kerning conference last month. On both occasions I had a lovely time in the tiny village of Faenza alternating sips of espresso and wine while hanging out with some of the best people in type. Even though the conference itself is quite small (one day of talks, maybe roughly 200 attendees), there are two bonus days of workshops, and a few days before and after the conference to extend the experience. We happened to be there for 4 days and enjoyed every minute. It’s a testament to the IRL fun we had seeing as how I took hardly any photos. There were so many lunches, dinners, aperitivos, late night bars, etc. and I didn’t take a single photo. Nor did I take any inside the conference other than during the talks. It’s sad for showing off here, or for digital memories, but it was a great time.

Shoutouts to Antonio Cavedoni, Dan Rhatigan & Dan Reynolds who gave my three favorite presentations.

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AV Kerning
26 June, 2014

I noticed something odd in Faenza, Italy but unfortunately I barely documented it. For some reason, the letter pairs of AV & VA are often super kerned. The first few times I saw it, it seemed like an oddity, but eventually I was noticing it everywhere. It wasn’t always over kerned, but it was generally tighter than it needed to be (and tighter than the overall spacing of the rest of the letters).

The question now is: why? And is this phenomenon localized to this area of Italy? I don’t recall seeing this in the other Italian cities I’ve visited.

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