Kimya is about to speak at Kyoorius in a few minutes…

Kimya will speak at Kyoorius Design Yatra!

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We hosted 16 (or 17?) students from Pearl Academy today

Kimya is showing off some ephemera from our library.

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Meet Maku – our latest typeface by Kimya Gandhi

A lovely handwritten Devanagari typeface with tons of alternates and features.

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@alphabettes_org is doing a live webcast right now!…

@alphabettes_org is doing a live webcast right now! @kimyagandhi is joining @bbberning @tullida @mchaccur and Elena Schneider

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The Making of Our Ridiculously Complicated Wedding Invites

Kimya and I designed our own typographic wedding invitations – this post documents the long process of getting them made.

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Our crazy new screen printed business cards

Rob's crazy new screen printed business cards that were finished minutes before boarding the plane for Goa & Design Yatra

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Big thank you to @tarundg and the students at NID

We gave some presentations at India's National Institute of Design today!

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The picture of the day:

Kimya and Flo in Mumbai

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