A Visit to Archivio Tipografico
21 December, 2018

It was so exciting to visit the Archivio Tipografico this summer. We were graciously given a detailed tour and got to explore their incredible studio and archives. There is so much great stuff and work being produced there (we still love the posters we got from them last year)! It’s definitely worth a visit for anyone into type in Torino!

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Archivio Tipografico Prints
13 December, 2017

Archivio Tipografico is really great. Based in Turin, Italy, they are making some very cool prints and are super friendly to deal with. I ordered a copy of this awesome eBoy print called Pixel Press. It’s a simple idea that’s ridiculously complicated to execute. The posters are letter press printed, the pixel squares are printed using individually set square sorts, and the five colors means that each poster had to go through the press five times. This production of this alone is impressive, not to even mention the fun illustration of a print shop. Here’s a great video showing the making of it.

There was a problem with the shipping and unfortunately the posters arrived very seriously damaged. Archivio Tipografico was super kind to send a new copy that reached in perfect condition. They also generously threw a bonus poster to make up for the trouble! This one is composed of type all designed by Alessandro Butti. It fits perfectly with some of our other letterpresses alphabet posters.

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