A Visit to Archivio Tipografico
21 December, 2018

It was so exciting to visit the Archivio Tipografico this summer. We were graciously given a detailed tour and got to explore their incredible studio and archives. There is so much great stuff and work being produced there (we still love the posters we got from them last year)! It’s definitely worth a visit for anyone into type in Torino!

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Such a shame…
9 November, 2015

Such a shame, we have people over and...

Such a shame, we have people over and they end up stealing pieces from our collection. They might as well have just taken this whole thing… At least this is replaceable (it came from the Indian Type Foundry in Ahmedabad), but I am also missing my a single piece of 2.5pt metal type from Enschedé (a beautiful tiny little ‘a’) and that would be much harder to get again :(

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