A peek into our studio

A quick view of where we can usually be found.

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Our library is growing

More books require more shelves!

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We hosted 16 (or 17?) students from Pearl Academy today

Kimya is showing off some ephemera from our library.

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Slowly cataloging our library

Thank you Bookpedia.

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We’ve been proud to always include the German ẞ in our fonts

It's exciting that it's now an officially recognized letter! We are hopeful that more designers will make it a part of their standard character sets.

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36 Days of Type 2017

Earlier this year I participated in the 36 Days of Type and used it as an excuse to show off a new typeface I'm calling "Collection".

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Meet Maku – our latest typeface by Kimya Gandhi

A lovely handwritten Devanagari typeface with tons of alternates and features.

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On our wonderful trip to San Francisco we adopted several new additions for our library

Let's welcome them all to the collection!

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New Screen Printed Business Cards

Hot off the screen printer’s table are my funky new business cards! Since I couldn’t pick just one or two typefaces, there are 10.

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Mota Italic Type Catalog 2015

Our second printed catalog featuring all of our existing typefaces and a few previews of upcoming releases.

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Mota Italic Website Redesign

I'm so excited to finally release the complete redesign of Mota Italic's website!

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Upgraded our desks with these great vintage type case handles

Upgraded our desks with these great vintage type case handles.

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