The end of an era
10 May, 2019

The end of an era. Four years in…

The end of an era. Four years in this Mumbai studio, now time for somewhere new!

Photo taken at: Mota Italic

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A peek into our studio
12 December, 2017

I’ve not shared many photos from our current studio in Mumbai. Here’s a small pano of our two main rooms – the library and studio. We hosted two classes of students last week, this is one of the groups as they were browsing the books and archives.

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Our library is growing
9 December, 2017

We recently went on a mini book buying spree and then realized that we had nearly ran out of shelf space. Luckily, our custom shelving system is modular and easy to expand. The vertical spacers are welded and powder-coated steel fabricated by local metal dude, so we just had to go back and ask for four more pieces. The shelves are readily available plywood, that only requires 12 holes and a bit of sanding. So now we have 20% more space, and even with the new books added to the collection, there is more room for more shopping!

Also, as you may have already seen, I am in the process of digitally cataloging all these materials. It’s a slow process, but once done will make finding specific resources easier – and more importantly, this will allow us to publish the whole catalog online for everyone’s reference. The current status is that I’ve entered 320 books (accounting for 57,620 pages) till now. The bookshelves are divided into 15 sections, 7 of which are cataloged, 6 are still to go, and two are empty. One of these remaining sections will be relatively simple to do, the others will be more tedious. Of the remaining 5, 3 are type specimens – those will be extremely time consuming. The last two are either about, or written in, other languages and scripts, so they will also tougher to catalog.

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We hosted 16 (or 17?) students from Pearl Academy today
19 August, 2017

We hosted 16 (or 17?) students from Pearl…

We hosted 16 (or 17?) students from Pearl Academy today. They were cool! Here Kimya is showing off some ephemera from our library.

Photo taken at: Mota Italic

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Slowly cataloging our library
17 August, 2017

Over the last couple months we’ve been slowly…

Over the last couple months we’ve been slowly cataloging all our type books with Bookpedia. So far we are very happy with he app and would recommend it. But cataloging takes so much time… So far we ‘only’ have 231 books entered, which is almost half of the main typographic reference section. There are still specimens, periodicals, and other misc books to go. It’s slightly depressing to see them all fitting on one screen, because it belittles the actual mass. In real life these books take up two long shelves — about 16 feet long.

Photo taken at: Mota Italic

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We’ve been proud to always include the German ẞ in our fonts
4 July, 2017

We’ve been proud to always include the German…

We’ve been proud to always include the German ẞ in our fonts. It’s exciting that it’s now an officially recognized letter! We are hopeful that more designers will make it a part of their standard character sets.

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36 Days of Type 2017
17 May, 2017

Earlier this year I participated in the 36 Days of Type and used it as an excuse to show off a new typeface I’m calling “Collection”. It also seemed like the perfect time to launch a new Instagram account, something that I’d been planning since I began working on this new design. But there is still a lot of work to go on the font before it can be released, this 36 Days of Type just pushed everything a bit forward.

My plan is to keep posting daily glyphs from this typeface, keep drawing more letters, and sooner rather than later release Collection. Since the end of 36 Days of Type I’ve been sidetracked with other projects, and haven’t posted anything new on Collection’s Instagram account. But I will do more… Have a look there to see these glyphs in more detail and feel free to follow along and share it!

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Meet Maku – our latest typeface by Kimya Gandhi
29 March, 2017

Meet Maku – our latest typeface by Kimya Gandhi. Check it out at our site!

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On our wonderful trip to San Francisco we adopted several new additions for our library
9 January, 2017

On our wonderful trip to San Francisco we...

Let’s welcome them all to the collection! 📚

Photo taken at: Mota Italic

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New Screen Printed Business Cards
18 October, 2016



Hot off the screen printer’s table (the same guys that did our wedding invitations) are my funky new business cards! Since I couldn’t pick just one or two typefaces, there are 10. The paper stock is a matte white 350gsm paper and the ink is a sexy matte black. The edges are finished off with a coat of Mota Italic’s signature green color.


Kimya also got new cards!



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Mota Italic Type Catalog 2015
12 October, 2016

This was our second printed catalog featuring all our fonts (including a few advanced previews). There were 1500 copies printed and they went much quicker than expected, and now we are out of them.

You can also view this catalog in its entirety on issuu.

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Mota Italic Website Redesign
14 September, 2016


I’m so excited to finally release the complete redesign of Mota Italic’s website. This longest and most painful project we’ve ever worked on, but it’s at long last ready to share with everyone. If there’s interest, I may post more about the arduous process over the last 2+ years, but for now let’s just be happy and check out the new site!

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