The Sign, part 1.
20 June, 2011

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Our signs are finally getting installed!
19 June, 2011

About freaking time: 24 days late but at least they are finally getting installed!

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A Temporary M
16 May, 2011

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Mota Italic: Now Open!
5 October, 2009 is now open

After many long months of coding, designing, and bureaucratic paper work, Mota Italic is finally online and open for business! We have worked hard to bring you some great font families and a special shopping experience. The website features numerous images and samples of the fonts and a totally unique shopping cart and checkout process. (more…)

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Vesper & Beyond: Introducing Our New Foundry…
19 March, 2009

Mota Italic - not yet online - bummer!

Today’s post is a bit of a mixed bag. It was intended to be an exciting announcement about my new project, but certain events have toned things down a bit.

As many of you already know, I have been working on Vesper full time these last few months, expanding it, and preparing it for sale. On top of this, Sonja Stange and I have been tirelessly developing and coding a new online store to sell our fonts.

So, as somewhat of a pre-announcement, we present our new digital “type foundry” Mota Italic!

The site is not currently online, but behind the scenes things are about finished. The goal was for it to go live at the end of March, but that now seems highly unlikely. Thanks to German bureaucracy the proper business permissions are still not yet finalized, so it is not legal for me to sell fonts in Germany. Hopefully this will be cleared up quickly and the site can go live soon (possibly still on schedule) or else with as minimum delay as possible.

We are looking forward to finally revealing the site and our new fonts to you all! Vesper is looking good and I am quite proud of how the site looks and functions. Sonja has done some amazing work with the store. Nothing is “out of the box” – just about every module, script, and element has been customized. We have created a unique browsing and buying experience that is simple to use, yet presents our products in depth. By selling the fonts ourselves we are able to offer some special license policies and ways to manage your accounts and purchases. These details will be clarified more in the next weeks.

There is no point in teasing any more with this announcement, since I am not actually showing anything concrete. Just watch out for Mota Italic, it is coming soon!

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The Current Projects :
11 February, 2009

Mota - Coming in March 2009

Recently I have been overly busy with several large projects, and updates here at the blog have been lacking. In the coming weeks I will be posting more about these new things.
But briefly, I am furiously working to finish up Vesper – which has grown into a much larger, and more interesting, family. Additionally, Sonja and I are creating a new online shop to sell our typefaces. This site is a large undertaking with the front-end having a slightly different approach from most other online typefoundries and much of the back-end is custom to enhance the buying process. Hopefully our method of displaying and purchasing will prove to be worth the efforts.
As for this site, we recently updated some sidebars to show recent posts as well as my latest tweets from Twitter. You can see them on the main page or follow me directly from Twitter if you are interested. Coming up, there is still a long list of posts waiting to be prepared, as well as many previous art projects to be transferred over here to the new(er) format and database. Keep checking your RSS and stop by again soon!

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