Faenza Ceramics Museum

Besides type, ceramics is another major personal interests. On my second trip to Faenza I had the pleasure of visiting this substantial ceramics museum. Since this site is dedicated to type, I’m only...

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Legendary Letters from the Rock & Soul Museum

Vintage type from a great museum. Highly recommended if you are passing through Memphis.
* * * www.memphisrocknsoul.org * * *

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Vintage type from Graceland

Some vintage type from the home of the King. There was everything from interesting kitchen appliance logos, to album art, awards, movie posters, blueprints, original advertising artwork, and chromeography from his pink Cadillac.

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Museum of the Moving Image

NYC's museum of TV & cinema history happens to also be filled with wonderful type specimens.

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Museum of Things’ Graphic Design Collection

I’ve mentioned (several times) that the Museum der Dinge is my favorite museum in Berlin. And they have recently became even more awesome by making public some of their expansive collection of graphic arts materials....

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Warsaw’s Neon Muzeum

What a great museum!

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Buchstabenmuseum Grand Re-Opening

Berlin’s Buchstabenmuseum moved to their new location (down the street from their old location at Alexanderplatz, just next to Jannowitzbrücke now), and they finally had a huge re-opening party in December.

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The Legendary Buchstabenmuseum

Berlin’s greatest typographic institution is probably the Buchstabenmuseum (The Letter Museum). Similar to the Neon Museum in Las Vegas, this establishment collects, preserves, and educates on the dying art of dimensional typography –...

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The Museum of Things: 2012 Edition

The Museum der Dinge is my favorite museum in Berlin... there're always new treasures to discover here.

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The Hamilton Wood Type Museum

My first trip to the historic / legendary / incredible Hamilton Wood Type Museum in Two Rivers Wisconsin. On our way through Wisconsin we passed close enough (about 1.5 hours out of the...

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Museum of Things #2 [UPDATED]

Just a few more images from Berlin’s ultra-cool Museum of Things! You can also see more great objects from the museum in this previous post. [UPDATE] You can also help out the museum...

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The Museum of Things ⇒ WOW

Oh my god Becky, seriously the Museum of Things (Museum der Dinge) is like totally the most raddest place in Berlin.

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